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    How about the 10 window love machine with the roll out tarp for shade I think that was in the low 60's. that thing wasn't anything but glass all the way around. Cool looking though but was not very good for an accident with all that glass and in a strong wind you could not keep it on the road. :);)
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    You know more about cars than I do. ;)
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    My dad did some street racing. he always took me with him so I learned a few things and even drove in a few. ;)
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    I can help a little. A "Windsor", made in Windsor, Ontario, usually refers to a 351, or 351W. Its a small block, same block as a 260/289/302. A "Cleveland", made in Cleveland, Ohio, or 351C, is a big block. Totally different motor. The 351C was short lived because of the emission regs that ruined everything. It was turned into he 400M (or 400MC) which was a complete piece of junk.
    The "Windsor" disappeared when Ford closed the plant and moved the 302 / 5litre production to Mexico. The Mexican engines were garbage.
    I only know this stuff because half the family worked for Ford all their careers. Now all the Ford employees speak Spanish.

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    Dad had a 67 ford fairlane with a big 428 cobra jet. That thing would haul the mail. It scared the shit out of me the first time I took it down the track but it also hooked me. I couldn't wait to do it again but he told me not this week maybe another time. that was his baby. :)
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    Thanks for the info. I don't know everything but just enough to get me hurt in one. laffin!!
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    Ahhhhh, so that is how you know so much about Fords. Cool beans girl, you rock. :)
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    Thats my problem, I know just enough to get me in trouble.

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    I don't need to be getting anything, as I am T-R-O-U-B-L-E! :rolleyes:
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    ~Trouble is my middle name!~

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    While it is in my mind this car changed drag racing and street racing to a new history. it is the 1970 chevelle super sport with a 454 in it. when it came out nothing could touch it. Now you have to remember this was 1970 and most blue collar workers could not afford to modify their engines and still keep the bills paid at home and that made mamma mad. Anyway back to the chevelle super sport it was eating everything up on the track and street,nothing could touch it. not the mustang, not the camaros etc etc. it even turned the chevy guys against each other. it was a war because this car could not be beat and it was straigt from the factory. well one day this guy showed up at a strip and he had a pocket full of money and what he did was take a camaro and he had put a 383 dodge motor with a 7.1 super chargeg blower on it. he could not even put a hood on it because it stuck up in the air so high. he beat the stock chevelle super sport finally. so that Ladies and Gentlemen is when drag/street racing changed because after that people started taking cars and modify motors from another make of car to race. Thats when things changed all because of the 1970 Chevelle super sport and is where we got to today. Please excuse my spelling I tok a nerve pill and I am a little loopy right now but I just wanted you all know what changed drag/street racing.:)

    1970-Chevelle-454-SS.jpg 1970ChevelleSS_5-1024x768.jpg
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    Theyre both yummy but I like it better without the vinyl top.

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    Yeppers! We will never really know why cars of that era, started sporting
    vinyl tops! They did, and even though, we are pretty much separated from the 20th
    Century now, by a decent bit of a margin, leaving us to still be standing here,
    scratching our collective heads, and wondering, "WHY?" :rolleyes:o_O
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    I know what I know from a friend of mine I met in Florida,you may have heard of him. His name is "Don Garlits." He was the king of top fuel racing in his time and yes we still stay in touch. He has a museum in Wildwood Florida. One day I met him just wanting to get his signature and he liked my hat and said only if I can sign you hat. Well of course I said yes and to this day I have never wore that hat again. it sits safley in a box. we became frinds that day andthe king himself gave me a tour of his museum I will never forget that day because we stopped at one of his old top fuel dragsters from the 60's. he looked at me and said get in and have a seat I felt so cool. then he handed me a marker and said you asked for my signature now I am asking you for yours. I was expecting a shirt or something but he looked at me and smiled and said I want you to sign my car. I almost fell out nobody elses name was on that car but his and I signed mine right under his. If you ever got to his museum you will see it. Like I said we still stay in touch and became friends. omg the stories he has told me. I could never get tired of hearing them and he is a very nice man. You can bet when I go to Florida he will be the first one I go see.I am also going to walk in there wearing that same hat. I am sure that will bring a smile to his face. :)
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    That is a simple. they were experimenting to see if the vinyl tops would help keep the car cooler inside sweety. The problem was they started out using white because white reflected heat. so at some point a customer wanted one made out of black. So the black top looked much sleeker and sexy at that time that is how we came up with vinyl tops. problem was it turned out to be only a fad and people quit wanting them. As far as them keeping the car cooler inside no it did not work. it did a little with the white ones but after everyone started to see the black one that was what they wanted and we all know black absorbes heat so it made it hotter inside. ;)
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    What about the fins?
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    The fins was just for looks dude. they were cool and awesome. They were what caused a many of cars to be sold in the upper class. Can you just imagine back then cruising down the road in a Caddy with the fins and the chrome? It turned heads and made other rich people say...damn I have got to have one of those. ;):)
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    Fins were about the low point in American styling. 55 Chevy, beautiful. 59 Chevy, about as fuggly as it gets. 59 T-Bird, horrible, 66 T-Bird, awesome!!
    About the vinyl tops, they not only ruined the looks, but if you live up here, they destroyed the car! Under the vinyl the cars rusted like crazy but you didn't see it until it was too late. If you see a New England or Canadian car for sale with a vinyl top, run away!!!
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    Ahh but the 57Chevy with fins was cool. Fins came mostly on what I call barges. Big cars with lots of chrome every where. I'll go out on a limb and say there were for the gangster type. it was like a pissing match,mine is better than yours. that kind of thing. Still the 57 chevy with the fins come on now you can't tell me they weren't awesome pussycat. :)
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    yes you are true about the rusting because underneath the vinyl they had a coton fiber and if you ever got a small leak or tare they would stay most and rust the roofs it would start out small but then the coton fiber would start spreading with wetness causing to eventually the whole roof rusting.
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    And then look what the did to the 58 chevy, that was one ugly damn style. YUCK!!!!!
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