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Where did you last have sex and who with?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Carol, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. 59Seeker

    59Seeker Account Deleted

    My wife in our lounge last night.
  2. MuslimPrincess19

    MuslimPrincess19 Trusted Member

    Hiya thanks, yes he is my brother and husband, we got engaged many months ago but doubt we can get married, but we are engaged
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  3. seaghost

    seaghost My dad and I are together and in love!

    in the shower this morning with my dad
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  4. IsoUser

    IsoUser Trusted.Member

    You Guys are Amateurs lol ;)
  5. Handsolo

    Handsolo Account Deleted

    Lucky you dude. Doubly lucky.
  6. IsoUser

    IsoUser Trusted.Member

    My daughter Tonight was deepthroating me and prostate massage. I came twice through her nose
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  7. Jane1968

    Jane1968 Trusted Member

    I tend to only log in when I've been "naughty" with my brother, so, this afternoon in one of the properties that he is marketing
  8. IsoUser

    IsoUser Trusted.Member

    My daughter and I share this account exclusively now, She has her own account but apparently she always lately logs into this account
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  9. busy

    busy Trusted Member

    Three weeks ago. Birthday was two weeks ago so I guess my wife counted that as my BD treat. Dead bedroom..
  10. Kyle03inCT

    Kyle03inCT Trusted Member

    the wifey
  11. fnesta

    fnesta Trusted Member

    A very close friend, last summer while visiting their place. Nice week full of cuddles and whatnot.
  12. FunMother

    FunMother Trusted.Member

    Super fuck from a 19 yo male student last night
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  13. littlemerju

    littlemerju Forever Daddys girl

    Well we were having sex yesterday and at working waching machine :) I just love it when it vibrates
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  14. green829

    green829 Trusted Member

    In the family bed
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  15. JessicaTQC

    JessicaTQC Account Deleted

    With my mom in my bedroom <3
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  16. zyahrul falah

    zyahrul falah Trusted Member

    In the living room with wife, last night.
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  17. metallica

    metallica Trusted Member

    Blowjob about an hour ago with my babe
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  18. DFME

    DFME Trusted Member

    not really spectacular: GF on the couch. is inc-time over? we will see...
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  19. Colwyndad

    Colwyndad Account Deleted

    Car ride home around an hour ago, dogging in the afternoon lmao
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  20. HopeFam

    HopeFam Trusted Member

    2 days ago on the couch with a friend
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