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Where did you last have sex and who with?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Carol, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Lynn Smith

    Lynn Smith Trusted Member

    by myself but was at the office so maybe not by myself.
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  2. Prost

    Prost Trusted Member

    Today with my sister in her house.
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  3. Hawaii

    Hawaii Trusted Member

    With my gf in our bedroom before her period started
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  4. vijaya

    vijaya Trusted Member

    my mother gave her pussy for oral sex to me when I was 19....in the mid night when every other member was asleep...
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  5. Pat Hotter

    Pat Hotter Trusted Member

    Me to
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  6. Xaiya

    Xaiya Trusted Member

    with the ex wife from my cousin. she is a very hot milf (43 yrs). after she got divorced I met her in her new appartement and we had some drinks. I asked her to stay the night on the couch cause of the many drinks. she offers me to sleep with her in her bed and after some compliments and a little bit touching it happens :)
  7. Hal

    Hal Trusted.Member

    A pair of show offs. :D:D;)
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