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Come & introduce yourself to us...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DocSavage7, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. DocSavage7

    DocSavage7 Account Deleted

    Staff have decided to post this stickie as a chance for everyone to say hello!
    Whether you have been here a while or you're a new member,
    lease drop in and introduce yourself to the rest of us!

    On Behalf of Staff... Doc
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  2. DocSavage7

    DocSavage7 Account Deleted

    To kick this off....

    I am 53yr old Aussie male, happily married for 33 yrs to my gorgeous lady Annie, with 2 adult boys and an adult daughter (and her nearly XX yr old son).

    I'm a Computer Tech with my own business, operating out of my own premises. Due to some poor health at present, I've been able to do a bit of work on IB that was badly needed and to bring us up to speed!

    I love this place, where I've found we have an awesome array of people, so many friends I made here, I couldn't count them all!


    Please say hello....
  3. imported_mortalrakiey

    imported_mortalrakiey Account Deleted

    Im a 19 year old Indian.. been a part of IB for a while... never contributed much but i involuntarily log in everyday just to check whats happening.. :)

    A student of commerce, happily single...!! i have fantasies about my elder step sis...!!

    Hi everyone...!!
  4. JD65

    JD65 Trusted Member

    I am a 43 yr. old male, married to my high school sweetheart for almost 24 yrs., and no kids...by choice. I am a supervisor at a steel fabrication plant where I have been employed for over 20 years.
    I have been around these forums for a few years, where I have made many good friends.
    I have taken a long break from posting, but I plan on getting back to it as soon as the weather turns colder...I am an avid golfer :wink:

    That`s my story....and I`m sticking to it.
  5. imported_Braben

    imported_Braben Account Deleted

    I'm a 24 year old single female from Maine, born and lived my whole life here (so far, but that may change soon).
    I'm an Administrative Assistant to one of the VP's of a large company that most of you have probably heard of...but for safety reasons I won't mention the name.
    I started out by lurking for a couple of years in these forums, then I made my first pic post and I literally got "high" on the replies!! It was awesome!!
    Much to the chagrin of some others, I haven't been quiet since...lol.
    I don't have the time to post like I used to, but I do when ever I can.
    I've made many, many friends online, and a few enemies :twisted: , but all in all these forums are loaded with good folks!!
    My sexual preference is other fems, but I occasionally like a man, or 2.
    That's me, like me or hate me, I'm always just me and I'm not afraid to stand my ground with anyone, anywhere.
  6. Xx8ball1

    Xx8ball1 Account Deleted

    hello my name is Xx8ball1 i have been a member here sinse 2006. i am from the united states. i am 40 yrs old. started out like many others as a lurker but soon found the joys of posting. have made lots of great friends here and hope to make many more. :D
  7. imported_funkmonkey

    imported_funkmonkey Account Deleted

    Hey everybody!

    I'm your Friendly Neighborhood Simian. I'm a 28 year old single American male midwesterner. I doubt I'd qualify as a lurker, but I feel like it sometimes. Maybe I'm a leech. I hang around, make wiseacre comments, and enjoy the incest porn. Every once in a great while, I get motivated to post some content, but I can count on one furry little hand how often that's happeend.

    I've been around a few incest sites for quite a few years. It's all fantasy for me, but what a fantasy! I stick around the real experiences for the most part, but I'm prone to wander into the videos and stories as well. I'm greatful to everyone who does post, and I try to thank everyone for the stuff I enjoy.
  8. imported_2Hip

    imported_2Hip Account Deleted

    Seeing currently i got a little free down. Figured i would peruse the other various forums, i don't usually get time to visit. So... Hi ya-all !! And Hi DocSavage. Long time no see!! Nice little forum ya got here!! For the others how may not know me. I'm one of the rare living survivors of IC, IG, the free AI, IT...and at least 10 other dead free forums which initials now elude me. :lol:
  9. imported_cable789

    imported_cable789 Account Deleted

    Hey one and all! My name is Alex And i primarily work in EMS as an EMT. I am 25(Guess i am getting to be an old man) But i am going back to school to become a medic. I was in the army for six years but wast medically discharged due to a heart condition. I just got my internet working again after it was down for 3 weeks.

    Here is a mugshot of me

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  10. DocSavage7

    DocSavage7 Account Deleted

    Hi back at you 2Hip.... been too long my friend! Hope you and yours are all healthy and doing good!

    Great to see you back online Cable...

    Hope we get to see more of you both!

  11. imported_cable789

    imported_cable789 Account Deleted

    Thanks Doc! I am glad to be back!
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  12. shitforbrains

    shitforbrains Account Deleted

    Me? Mid-fifties, single, west coaster, computer consultant/technician. Love the fantasy of it all. Grew up wishing I had a sister to play with. I've got a couple of younger relatives I wouldn't turn down.

    This board brings out the worst & best in me. I was a confirmed lurker, both here and many other boards, until I got here and you all forced me to comment by posting such wonderful material.
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  13. DocSavage7

    DocSavage7 Account Deleted

    We couldn't help ourselves SFB... We knew if we posted the right things we could draw you out! LOL And we are so pleased that we did! :) :)

  14. jaime

    jaime Account Deleted

    I'm in my sixties, a retired accountant. That's why I called doc a spring chicken on his 53rd birthday!! I'm from North-West England.

    Like sfb, I was a confirmed lurker on several forums, but the content on here made me decide to start posting.

    I nearly gave up early on, because my very first post was deleted. When I queried it, I was told that I had mentioned a defunct forum by its initials only, and that was equivalent to promoting that forum by mame, which was against forum rules (the forum was TT).

    I have noticed that this practice of mentioning other forums by using initials only now seems to be accepted as OK (it even appears in another post on this thread), so I'm glad that I persevered!
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  15. imported_Blackcat16

    imported_Blackcat16 Account Deleted

    I am 70 and a widower. I live in the USA and enjoy this forum and have a few good friends here.
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  16. DocSavage7

    DocSavage7 Account Deleted

    Glad you stuck around jaime! We all enjoy your company. And great to see you here too Blackcat16!

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  17. shitforbrains

    shitforbrains Account Deleted

    Why, thank you Doc. Mighty kind of you to say so. Though I fear I may have stepped on a toe or two accidentally, recently, I hope others feel the same way.
  18. DocSavage7

    DocSavage7 Account Deleted

    It sometimes happens SFB, to all of us... but we are a forgiving bunch! LOL

  19. imported_andyex

    imported_andyex Account Deleted

    hi all, i started out here a while ago and got hooked on the stories and decided to try an interactive story.i was stunned when i found it kicked off
    i am a 38yr old guy in the good old UK, happily married for 8yr and two great kids, a 5yr old boy and a 1yr old girl
    i love this site for its open mind and its one of the best sites on the web
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  20. imported_greyhoundpaul

    imported_greyhoundpaul Account Deleted

    Im new too

    Hey guys, im also new to IB and i have a question to ask.

    As i said im new and i was browsing the site tking it all in and i was thinking about looking at some of the video clips but i dont know what rapidshare is or haow to use it. same with megaupload.

    Does anybody have two minutes to explain it al to me? Id be very gratefull.

    Ok, thats me! Have a great day guys and girls! x
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