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Is it incest if ...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lil lover, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Lil lover

    Lil lover I appreciate all that is here

    You are attracted to the [edit] daughter of your wife's son?

    I mean, does it count if you are 'related' by marriage?

    She is a very cute blonde, [edit]. It seems to me she hugs me a little longer and tighter than strictly necessary. Think maybe she knows she's giving this older guy a thrill? If she happened to turn around she would see obvious evidence - a bollge that isn't normally there.

    Many a night fantasies leave me reaching for the box of tissues on the nightstand.

    SECOND QUESTION is it incest if you played with your brother's penis, s good bit bigger than mine, silky and uncircumsized, massaging until he had an orgasm? He was 2 years younger than me so his size really turned me on, as well as the feeling of that massive penis - to me at the time, probably still is, keeping his wife happy. I loved pleasuring him, and since we boys shared a bed, he let me do it often. Only one time did I get to put it in my mouth but he didn't like that so pulled out after a few seconds. I was disappointed. It felt even more wonderful there, and that pointed tip fit necely in the back of my mouth. I couldn't get it all in - told you it was BIG.

    We never said anything. Actions speak louder than words.
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    ANAKINSHUGECOCK420 Trusted.Member

    yes it is incest if you play with your brothers schlong
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  3. Lil lover

    Lil lover I appreciate all that is here

    Great. That's what I was hoping to hear. I still fantasize about it, and how much more wonderful if I could have made him cum in my mouth. More than once.

    We never talked about it. I don't suppose his wife would be pleased
    if I did that today.
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    ANAKINSHUGECOCK420 Trusted.Member

    you can try
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  5. Pdogghound

    Pdogghound Trusted Member

    Well talk about it when you can
  6. Ple123

    Ple123 New Member