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Where did you last have sex and who with?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Carol, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. DirtyDaddy19870

    DirtyDaddy19870 Trusted Member

    The other night with my pregnant fiancé in the living room
  2. coppiapa

    coppiapa Trusted Member

    mia moglie in cucina

    my wife in the kitchen

    Please post in English or provide an English translation. Neo
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  3. RimaOris

    RimaOris Trusted Member

    One weeks ago with my wife. She is business trip now.
  4. JayWhy

    JayWhy Account Deleted

    Wife in my bedroom. Just like pizza, it's never bad but seldom awesome.
  5. tanya89

    tanya89 Trusted Member

    In my bedroom with a married couple i know , the plan was for me and the wife with him just watching but after 10 minutes he joined in but didn't last long so was back to me and her
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  6. Crossdress fun

    Crossdress fun New Member

    Mom's Business trip got fucked in the hotel room. By her pegging me
  7. Dad's toy

    Dad's toy Trusted.Member

    Last night in the pool.
    A fun fuck

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  8. Timmy_LittleKnob

    Timmy_LittleKnob Trusted Member

    A long time ago sadly.
  9. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    I hope it was not in a galaxy far, far away. Maybe the Ford Galaxy? Otherwise I know your pain.
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  10. ericabisex

    ericabisex Trusted.Member

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  11. Sanja

    Sanja Trusted Member

    With my son at morning.
  12. Yuzuka

    Yuzuka Trusted Member

    With my mom yesterday morning in her living room :)
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  13. Danish

    Danish Trusted Member

    Yesterday, with af mature woman, swe met, at a conference
  14. pj73nicks

    pj73nicks Trusted Member

    Lovely image ..
    I just woke up to a blow job from Carole (mother) and than I took her doggy after getting hard again
  15. Odhersbala

    Odhersbala Trusted Member

    With my wife in bedroom
  16. Bobmcbob

    Bobmcbob Trusted Member

    In my car with my gf