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Where did you last have sex and who with?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Carol, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. lefthook

    lefthook Trusted Member

    FWB, 2 days ago.... in the boring ole bed lol
  2. tommo

    tommo Trusted.Member

    hot as fuck go you xx
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  3. Prob13mz

    Prob13mz Trusted Member

    A few hours ago with my girlfriend. In a bed
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  4. EasyCuz

    EasyCuz Trusted Member

    A minute ago in my bed, with my fuck toy in my big bed
  5. philbrown

    philbrown Trusted Member

    My daughter this morning after the Mrs had gone out to do some food shopping. I watched the wife pull away from our house, i was straight up the stairs and into Amy's room. She had stripped and was lying naked, legs spread for me. I was naked in milliseconds lol
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  6. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    I trust the Mrs. was gone for an extended period of time and you were not rushed. That would have been shame if you were.
  7. Miharu Kuroda

    Miharu Kuroda Official Fuckdoll of Ins-Dream.com

    With Rosie Palm in my bedroom :(
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  8. darkien

    darkien Trusted Member

    Yesterday with a fellow swinger after I offered to massage her.
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  9. Star_of_sea

    Star_of_sea Collector of ephemeral moments.

    With mom, this morning, in bed, as the sun woke up.
  10. Tim Tom

    Tim Tom Trusted Member

    With the new girlfriend.
    One week ago.
    12 floor of a hotel while basking in the dimming light of the sunset.
  11. Iwantmymummy

    Iwantmymummy Trusted Member

    GF probably in Feb time (GF has had an operation so sex is now painful for her)
  12. bigdaddydick

    bigdaddydick Trusted Member

    With my wife earlier today in our living room
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  13. SwedishSinner

    SwedishSinner Trusted Member

    With my fiancé 2h ago in our living room sofa.
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  14. juliogee

    juliogee Trusted Member

    Yesterday, with my gf on a bed. Nothing exciting tbh
  15. tommo

    tommo Trusted.Member

    This morning well about an hour ago in bed with my wife a bit bland and boring but true lol
  16. GReatlaird1

    GReatlaird1 Trusted.Member

    With my wife in our den six hours ago.
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  17. Jacobsen

    Jacobsen Trusted Member

    Last night with my wife in a hotel room in another city.
    Date nights like that are helping us keep the passion in our marriage - and it's just good old plain fun.
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  18. darkien

    darkien Trusted Member

    Last Friday on a group date with some of my swinger friends. Pizza and play makes for a great night.
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  19. Inbreeder98

    Inbreeder98 Trusted Member

    Hey can you pm me I want to fuck my sister and I want a woman's perspective on incest
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  20. Dana_91

    Dana_91 Trusted.Member