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Where did you last have sex and who with?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Carol, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. EllieRose

    EllieRose New Member

    My brother, 2 nights ago
  2. San John

    San John Trusted Member

    Wife couple of days ago at home
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  3. Inukifeels

    Inukifeels Trusted Member

    girlfriend living room 2 days ago.
  4. hisjuliet

    hisjuliet Trusted Member

    Last night. With husband. In our bed to incest porn ;)
  5. Dewey078

    Dewey078 Trusted Member

    With my wife. At home. On our daughter's bed. She was out for the day, my wife was in there cleaning up, I walked in and started kissing and fondling her, and it progressed from there.
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  6. popor

    popor Trusted Member

    with my wife 2 days ago
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  7. Kat16

    Kat16 New Member

    Tinder hookup at her place last weekend. Wasn’t great tbh.
  8. Lajos

    Lajos New Member

    Last week with my gf. It was just a quickie
  9. techie76

    techie76 Trump supporters are mentally ill

    Quite a while ago with my girlfriend before she passed away from breast cancer.
  10. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    I am sorry for your loss. How long did she battle the cancer?
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  11. techie76

    techie76 Trump supporters are mentally ill

    Yeah, bad things happen to good people. The cancer was discovered in stage 4 & was very aggressive & spread throughout the body.
    She dealt with it for 2 years before the battle was over. Her services were on my birthday.
  12. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    That had to be very difficult. How long ago was this? Hopefully you have a very good support group. Are friends and family close by to you?
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  13. TonyBoy-58

    TonyBoy-58 Trusted Member

    She is now resting in peace and no longer suffering, take care of yourself pls.
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  14. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

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  15. techie76

    techie76 Trump supporters are mentally ill

    It was difficult for sure. She died July 6, 2006 when it spread to her brain. The services were later in August since she donated her body to science. But nope, didn't have a support group. All of my old bandmates are also dead & my adopted family regrets adopting me, so no support there. But this was a long time ago & I've processed it & unpacked it over time. There are beautiful life-affirming stories as a result of all this--- and nice memories, such as the last time we both made love. No need to hijack an otherwise upbeat thread, but when I saw it, it reminded me that it's been 14 years since I had a sex life--- but that's because I don't want to be with a female who's not incest-positive. I disclosed to Rheanna about my incest with my mom, and she was disgusted by it... so I decided to make a change.

    This is true & that is the upside to it. I know for a fact that she suffers no more & is full of light & happiness.
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  16. darkien

    darkien Trusted Member

    Had a gangbang (MMMMF) 2 weeks ago and it was great! She thoroughly enjoyed taking 4 cocks that day. :D
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  17. Rob_lane

    Rob_lane New Member

    Who initiated?
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  18. tommijok

    tommijok Trusted Member

    Yesterday at the library with an older woman.
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  19. BigArms4u

    BigArms4u Trusted Member

    That’s hot. I’m so jelly
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  20. BigArms4u

    BigArms4u Trusted Member

    This morning. Shower. Daughter surprised me by climbing in with me.
    I had half the work done anyway. Body soap has so many useful uses :D
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