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Where did you last have sex and who with?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Carol, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Akbloke

    Akbloke Ex Pig-Fixer "Videmus Agamis"

    If you go to Sifjaspell's profile Goldensheets, you will be able to read his stories....

  2. Beaverpleaser718

    Beaverpleaser718 Trusted Member

    Ex gf in hotel
  3. DoubleDee3

    DoubleDee3 Trusted Member

    Outside next to the patio and pool area at my house with my older brother 3 days ago.
  4. lovingincest

    lovingincest Trusted.Member

    How very sad.

    Maybe you could post some erotic fiction. Does your son participate in writing erotica?

    Their was a popular erotica website whose most popular stories were incestuous mothers and sons.

    I believe the writers were mostly men but it was the mom's reading them. Hopefully because the sons pointed the mom's to the site.

    I really hope you open up more. Incest is fun!
  5. luckysibluv

    luckysibluv Trusted Member

    My sister in our bed
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  6. Wuntun12

    Wuntun12 Trusted Member

    My ex, on her couch last sept.
  7. ajudge990

    ajudge990 Trusted Member

    About 3 hours ago with my sister at her house. Her husband was gone to work
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  8. Lolimsa

    Lolimsa Trusted.Member

    Last time was in a motel with my BF, before the quarentine started, three months ago !!! We are suffering !!!! :(
  9. Myrrha

    Myrrha Trusted Member

    Two days ago with my parents in the master bedroom.
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  10. Lysandra

    Lysandra Trusted Member

    With Dad, this morning, when we woke up.
  11. philbrown

    philbrown Trusted Member

    With the wife last night. Daughter is at her own house and we're social distancing. We'll the wife think's me and Amy are. Giving the chance, we're fucking lol. I have to act all 'daddy' when with the wife, sitting outside when visiting or vice versa :(
  12. grandman

    grandman New Member

    today with granddaughter, on a short boat trip
  13. Akbloke

    Akbloke Ex Pig-Fixer "Videmus Agamis"

    Damn..!! I'm quite sure that you'd love to be giving your daughter lots of undivided attention..??
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  14. Footless

    Footless Trusted Member

    About 5 years ago, I had a hot threesome with my best friend from high school and his wife. I was ;) this close to banging his daughter too.
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  15. philbrown

    philbrown Trusted Member

    I sure would love to be but at the moment, i have to be content in fucking the wife. Hope to meet the daughter sometime next week :)
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  16. bigdaddy492000

    bigdaddy492000 Trusted Member

    Lucky you
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  17. Giacomo

    Giacomo Trusted.Member

    With or without your friend’s awareness? I mean, he did enjoy you fucking his wife, so if he ever fantasized about his daughter, enjoying her vicariously through you would be the next best thing, right?
  18. Footless

    Footless Trusted Member

    With his awareness. I was just too blind to see the signs at the time. But it became clear upon reflection years later that as he was sending his wife to my place, he was spending time with his daughter. I should have seen it.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2020
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  19. Giacomo

    Giacomo Trusted.Member

    Seems he kept the best prize for himself.
  20. reiner total

    reiner total Trusted Member

    in the garden with my ex today