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Where are you from?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by elliot00007, May 23, 2021.

  1. Dr6664u

    Dr6664u New Member

  2. Randy_Rascal

    Randy_Rascal Trusted Member

  3. ironwolf88

    ironwolf88 Trusted Member

    i was born in ireland but i live between north and south carolina have a place in both and that is where my family is some of my family on the native side live in NC
  4. Moonsteel

    Moonsteel Trusted Member

    Czech rep
  5. Mouth0

    Mouth0 Trusted Member

    Just north of Brighton?
  6. Familydad81

    Familydad81 Trusted Member

    I am in Pueblo
  7. Iraqec11

    Iraqec11 Trusted Member

    Ukrainian, Kiev
  8. Mouth0

    Mouth0 Trusted Member

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  9. Galaxy69

    Galaxy69 New Member

    Southern Ontario Canada
  10. china99uk

    china99uk Trusted.Member

    Darwin, Australia
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  11. Oznboy

    Oznboy Trusted Member

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  12. Hornynator

    Hornynator New Member

  13. cludge

    cludge Trusted Member

    East central Scotland
  14. mb33

    mb33 Trusted Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  15. fabsfab

    fabsfab Trusted Member

    australia and it seems a very strict society in dubai
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  16. Campgapo

    Campgapo Trusted Member

    From the usa
  17. XoMo

    XoMo Trusted Member

    I've been in Illinois 99% of my lifetime.
    Never seen the ocean. Only been inside a plane 4 times. Never been outside the USA...
  18. sebba22

    sebba22 New Member

  19. bigAge

    bigAge Trusted Member

    Canada here!
  20. Carol

    Carol Trusted.Member