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where are you from?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jpp, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. lurion

    lurion New Member

    I From Agde in France
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  2. Gelder

    Gelder Moderator Staff Member

    This is on the river Herault?
  3. merengue

    merengue New Member

    sinaloa, mexico
  4. jojoba

    jojoba New Member

  5. Pat Hotter

    Pat Hotter Trusted.Member

  6. cincy

    cincy Trusted Member

  7. pizzabyalfredo123

    pizzabyalfredo123 Trusted Member

    Where my vpn thinks its save
  8. Pat Hotter

    Pat Hotter Trusted.Member

    UK visiting Nebraska US bit different from what I expected never believe anyone that tells you we speak the same language.
  9. dosossi

    dosossi New Member

  10. Cyberdad

    Cyberdad New Member

    Kentucky. I thought there would be way more of us! lol!
  11. roberts2022

    roberts2022 New Member

    I'm from Missouri