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What sport are you passionate about?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Relampago25, Feb 15, 2023.

  1. Badassman731

    Badassman731 Trusted Member

    Imma Baseball man all the way
  2. Sweden1993

    Sweden1993 Trusted Member

    swimming and the gym
  3. GingerNinja01

    GingerNinja01 Trusted.Member

    Used to watch football (soccer) and formula 1 a lot when I was younger

    recently I’ve become disillusioned with both, too much about the money these days and not about what loyal fans want

    maybe it’s just because I’m getting older but neither are as good as they used to be in my opinion
  4. BotolTobrut

    BotolTobrut Trusted Member

    I like football, badminton, and of course sex
  5. qaishsh

    qaishsh Trusted Member

    I love football.
  6. Bobbo

    Bobbo Trusted Member

    Cunnilingus, I am World champion and sole contender in the official championship games held in my bedroom.

    Otherwise I do watersports. The real kind not yellow inside kind. So, Kayak, swimming, sailing, fishing, Surfing diving. If it is in water I am there.
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  7. Curious23

    Curious23 Trusted Member

    Footy cricket soccer
  8. trahellion

    trahellion Trusted Member

    Watching netball.
  9. Mom_of_6

    Mom_of_6 Straight Married Woman

    American college football
  10. Mrunknown

    Mrunknown Trusted Member

  11. Valjevac

    Valjevac Trusted.Member

    Basketball and footbal(soccer)
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  12. sidd44

    sidd44 Trusted Member

    Football, go Steelers!
  13. Sweman

    Sweman A mature male from Sweden

    Watching soccer/football
    Doing sailing and scuba diving
  14. geedubfan

    geedubfan Trusted.Member

    Watching college football and basketball.
    Doing snow skiing and fly fishing (yes, its a sport)
  15. Béla bela

    Béla bela Trusted Member

    Watching Ice hockey,doing.. cycling, hiking.
  16. Papalibre

    Papalibre Trusted Member

    Walking. I am not interested in sport.
  17. Toroto

    Toroto Trusted Member

    All mechanics sports !
  18. Valeriy

    Valeriy Trusted Member

    tai chi
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  19. Lord_Eldritch

    Lord_Eldritch Trusted.Member

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  20. Confused_Frightened&Horny

    Confused_Frightened&Horny Confused, Frightened & Horny