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What party are you?

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Affairs' started by Dannykinz, Mar 19, 2023.

  1. Jemeraldz

    Jemeraldz Trusted Member

    Independent. I can't trust any of them
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  2. gonext

    gonext Trusted Member

    Independent too.
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  3. VeryStable

    VeryStable Trusted.Member

  4. Akbloke

    Akbloke Ex Pig-Fixer "Videmus Agamis"

    In our country, everyone must vote. You will be fined if you don't unless you have had yourself taken off the Roll by registering with the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) for a legitimate reason.

    And like a lot of those on here, I'm quite disappointed with the options on offer.....so, it depends on who, and what they stand for. Mostly I have voted Liberal, because they have managed to keep the country on a reasonable financial footing, unlike with Paul Keating and Co. who gave us the "recession the we had to have" with exceedingly high interest rates.
  5. LatinTrack2025

    LatinTrack2025 Trusted Member

    US Libertarian. I voted for them back in 2016 and 2020. I know they will never win under first-past-the-post, but they represent my values the best.
  6. Beardo18

    Beardo18 Sharply dressed bunny.

    Same. My state though stopped recognizing in in 2022
  7. Lolimsa

    Lolimsa Moderator Staff Member

    Here in Peru, we are a VERY third-world country regarding politics :( Could you imagine that for next year's election, there could be up to FOURTY candidates for president, from different parties?? And from the few I know about, one is a former convicted felon for MURDER. (But some people would vote for him, supposedly so he is hard on crime.)

    So I don't have any strong party to support :(
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  8. Term344556

    Term344556 Trusted Member

  9. Always-Learning

    Always-Learning Trusted.Member

    I have been an independent for years. The idea of only one party having the right ideas is ludicrous and the reason so many are now having problems. Here in the States, the two main parties worked together to create a bill that would help end the influx of people at our southern border. The third party, or maga party disguised as republicans, told one of the cosponsors if they pushed the bill through they would ruin his career. Then they stand up and claim it is the other guy who is the cause... They also claim that no Republican should ever vote for anything a Democrat suggest... That is not loyalty to a nation, that is loyalty to an individual. And Speaker Johnson, who finally realized the importance of bi-lateral laws, is now in danger of being replace because he passed a bill they didn't want him to.

    Party politics is a religion that overrides logic and all other religions. It is the tool that the wealthy use to control the middle and lower class... If we'd open up all elections to qualified candidates, instead of the way it is set up now, we'd see a lot of people who could help our country... But most refuse to bow to the party itinerary.
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  10. Lustforsis

    Lustforsis Trusted Member

    Socially libertarian fiscally conservative
  11. pussycat

    pussycat Administrator Staff Member

  12. Always-Learning

    Always-Learning Trusted.Member