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What made YOU Incest?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by luciferzumba, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. bdbd

    bdbd Trusted Member

    Absolutely agree; the episode I previously told, somewhere up here, did exactly what you express: the action of unlocking the mechanism, of turning on the light for the very first time. After that, it has been a growing and growing tsunami
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  2. Neall1997

    Neall1997 Trusted Member

    For me it was incest stories
  3. John smith69

    John smith69 Trusted Member

    I would love to chat with you dear...im Gina...do you have sessions?
  4. Daddy's_girl

    Daddy's_girl Trusted Member

    No I don't have sessions why does it say you are john smith69 male 48?
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  5. John smith69

    John smith69 Trusted Member

    Lol...just a stage name for here dear...do you have wickr?...download sessions if you can...easier way to chat
  6. Daddy's_girl

    Daddy's_girl Trusted Member

    Sorry I don't try to download those anymore they always mess up my computer and I have to reset it cuz it slows down and won't shit right.
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  7. Tacotacoma

    Tacotacoma Trusted Member

    I never thought of that before fellow Christian here
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  8. PeachIe

    PeachIe Trusted Member

    Half sister came to live with us when we were both in our late teens. After a couple of years of adjusting to our new family dynamics, her and I began to bond. Started out with us innocently studying together, followed by touching and kissing during our study sessions, then finally giving up our virginities to each other while we were home alone.
  9. CrystalB

    CrystalB Trusted Member

    My love for my son and feeling bonded with him and the joy of pleasuring him
  10. CCboy63!!!

    CCboy63!!! Trusted.Member

    What a great mom
  11. Liddell_rabbit

    Liddell_rabbit Trusted Member

    Unresolved daddy issues and a desire for that daddy daughter relationship, strengthened through experiencing each other sexually.
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  12. Yuna

    Yuna Trusted Member

    totally hot! Wish you were my mom
  13. dadldn

    dadldn New Member

    It's hard to say, the real question is why not? I'm living in this house with this beautiful woman. Plain as that. What is a man supposed to do? Turn off his emotions? I cannot do that.
    Maybe it's just me.
  14. Porky

    Porky Trusted Member

    Mine started in a fucked up way really. My younger sister told us that her and our grandad had been having sex....from that point on I was jealous he got to do that to her but also jealous that he did it to her and not me. Now all my adult life I have wanted my own incest family.
  15. FamilyMan913

    FamilyMan913 Trusted Member

    Incest porn
  16. Klaus_st1

    Klaus_st1 Trusted Member

    (Edit), when my uncle remarried and I met my new aunt while they were visiting my family. My aunt was an average woman, middle long dark hair, a little bit on the heavier side with realy nice, big boobs. Since I was some kind of an outsider in my family, there was not much tenderness between me and the majority of my relatives. she was always very kind and friendly to me and used to hug me while greeting and parting. I enjoyed very much, mashing her melons agianst my chest, but avoided, to let her rocognize, that I was getting hard, while doing so. The rest was inspired by Greenleaf Books I discoverd in a hidden corner of a local bookstore. Later video and the internet made it easy finding arousing stuff.
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  17. CCboy63!!!

    CCboy63!!! Trusted.Member

    mmmm yhat is sooooo eroyic wow i wish i had a daughter to experience that following you now hun
  18. BadDad4U

    BadDad4U Trusted Member

    My aunt ... LOL.
  19. reajferr

    reajferr Trusted Member

    risk makes it hotter
  20. LovemyM0m

    LovemyM0m Trusted Member

    First pair of tits/ass/pussy that I got to see were on my mother. She’s a fairly attractive woman imo and has a nice shape, and I love her, I’d be stupid not to wanna fuck her. Also she has shown interest in sex with me over a period of years which makes me think it could be genetic, only reason it hasn’t happened is because I’ve always backed off before we actually had a chance to act on our feelings or someone else was home.

    On one of the more exciting occasions when we were teasing each other back and forth, I walked out of my room in boxers with morning wood and played it off like I didn’t know she was home. The way she was staring at it with an open mouth, eyes fixed, best way to describe it was that she looked hungry lol. The effect that it had on her was so much more than I anticipated, it made me feel guilty a little bit. I went and took a piss, came back out and she was doing something in the kitchen. She turned and looked to talk to me so I would stop while she’s checking out my now half deflated boner (left the flap unbuttoned in the front so she could see actual cock) and I just wrapped her up and held her for a while with it pressed against her leg. She told me my brother was home so I backed off and then she said something about a very happy morning.
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