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What does your member name mean?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Curmudgeon, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. TheWincester

    TheWincester Trusted Member

    was trying to think of a funny ish name and wincest came to mind and one of my favorite shows is Supernatural so TheWincester seemed logical.
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  2. auntlust

    auntlust Trusted Member

    Didn't put too much thought into it to be honest. Sounded simple & direct.
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  3. juliogee

    juliogee Trusted Member

    Mine is from GTA san andreas,
  4. mifoerma

    mifoerma New Member

    I'm playing my own game, among us apk by techbigs and I'm so happy about it!
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  5. Darwin75007

    Darwin75007 Trusted Member

    Darwin for the famous scientist, 75 for Paris, the city where I live and 007 for James Bond, films that I love!
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  6. HandymanPlumber

    HandymanPlumber Trusted Member

    It's my trade.
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  7. pizzapie

    pizzapie Trusted Member

    I like pizza and pie. Both of which I should not eat.
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  8. jonjon69

    jonjon69 Trusted Member

    An old nickname from years ago
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  9. Kingdark1

    Kingdark1 Trusted Member

    I dont have a nicname for my member :D
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  10. juliogee

    juliogee Trusted Member

    we should play among us sometime
  11. LMB

    LMB Trusted Member

    LMB refers to my upbringing and our family "Love My Brothers" which carries on occasionally today
  12. DickyNeedles

    DickyNeedles New Member

    In the game Escape From Tarkov there is a soundbite for player characters of a guy yelling something in russian. It means something like "scavenger down (killed)" but it sounds like he's yelling "DICKY NEEDLES!"
    It just popped in my head one day and here we are.
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  13. butterfly

    butterfly Trusted Member

    butterfly means im free
  14. Akbloke

    Akbloke Ex Pig-Fixer "Videmus Agamis"

    Sounds to me as though they like to return all of your loving to you.....as they should!!
  15. iop80iop

    iop80iop Trusted Member

    It is not realy my name.
  16. liketoplay

    liketoplay Trusted Member

    That my sister and I like to play
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  17. 36_DD

    36_DD Trusted Member

    That there is such a thing as god
  18. magneticanamoly

    magneticanamoly Trusted Member

    daddy might find out youre being bad and have to give you a spanking
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  19. celeste

    celeste Trusted Member

    My brother always had a bit of the romantic in him with wonderful words that often enthralled me, especially when he wanted me in a receptive mood. I remember even now the first time he whispered to me how soft and beautiful my skin was as his fingers played over me as well as inside of me, encouraging me to release my soft, almost musical sounds an moans of love, reminding him of a celeste. Hence the nick name that has stuck with me over many years.

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  20. Husk

    Husk New Member

    A long time ago I was a Christian zealot, you know the type, gay people have no rights, praise be the one and only god stuff like that of course I'm older now and have more sense.
    My name comes from the 3 day long upsizing in my head, everything that I knew was a lie and almost all the people around me that made me that way where zealots, after the 3 days of eye opening I felt like a Husk of what I was, I had no feelings no thoughts no ideas no opinions nothing, what started that was me meeting a lesbian girl her normal Christian dad and 13 hours of talking.

    Thus I was broken and my name is Husk.
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