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The world is changing.

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Affairs' started by knottyNylonmum, Feb 24, 2024.

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  1. knottyNylonmum

    knottyNylonmum Account Deleted

    Spot on! I’m right & you’re wrong. Leave history to those people that know it.
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  2. Lian

    Lian Friendly One

    And you are the one who knows it?
    Yeah, you're that kind of person. Wont reply anymore, wont waste my time
  3. bronzeswimmer

    bronzeswimmer Pretty friendly, definitely helpful, PM away

    I would say, I think the internet and increased media from all of us has made it tougher for pockets of racism to exist. ...like before, you could get a small town that coalesced in a more racist direction. However, now those same groups aren't forming the same way because our communication spreads farther. When this happens I would say that these people that thought they were in the norm, when they existed in a smaller social sphere....now see that they aren't as normal after their social sphere has gotten larger, due to the internet, social media, etc.

    Also, here I'm only using racism an example of an idea that has changed due to the changing of the radius of our collective social sphere. I think this has happened in all ideas, but racism is a hot button issue...so it's easier to see that disagreement on this idea has increase.
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  4. bronzeswimmer

    bronzeswimmer Pretty friendly, definitely helpful, PM away

    Thanks for this question knottyNylonmum, (ove nylons btw....and ur knottyness lol),
    I guess I would...I agree with you in feeling that the world is changing, but I'm honestly not sure about the direction we are changing in.

    What evidence do you have that we are changing in a direction that better suits the minority than it does the majority?

    I am unsure the direction we're changing in involves a minority or majority. Not saying you're wrong, I just question this one and am asking you to better understand.
  5. pussycat

    pussycat Administrator Staff Member

    Thread closed. Any further threads opened to provoke arguments will result in disciplinary action.
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