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The pros and cons of opinions

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Affairs' started by pussycat, Jul 26, 2022.

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  1. MilaHot

    MilaHot Account Deleted

    That's the problem today with social medias. People post their opinions on face.book and stuff like that, and they think that their opinions are facts. And people believe them. It does more harm than good
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  2. phantom

    phantom Account Deleted

    Ya... opinion is a Point of view, not fact as it has stuff that is right wrong and in the middle
  3. MilaHot

    MilaHot Account Deleted

    And that is why I don't like some of the things I see on the politics thread. Its never proofs or facts, just opinions stated as if they were facts, like all the bullsh*t said about "the other side lol
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  4. Dane

    Dane Account Deleted

    What I (and others) read is that what you state in your posts is fact, but not others.
    Hmmm. Kettle calling the pot black.
  5. pussycat

    pussycat Administrator Staff Member

    For Mila (and anyone else interested).

    This forum may seem a bit psychopathic at times, but it's nowhere near as bad as some of it's predecessors. I have been on some where if anyone posted a comment that wasn't somewhat right of Mussolini in it's tone, they would be deluged by responses - almost exclusively be Americans - telling them they were a goddam commie and how they fought in Viet Nam and the world should be grateful and on and on. There were even death threats. Screams that "X" should be banned because "nobody needs to hear this kind of shit" and so forth. And quite often, "X" was banned because the site admins/owners were a bunch of neo-nazi whack jobs to start with.
    This place is mild by comparison.

    But that's only my opinion.
  6. pussycat

    pussycat Administrator Staff Member

    We're all guilty of that.

    Some on here take it to an art form.
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  7. buffyfan

    buffyfan Moderator Staff Member

    I remember that place. Alison brought me here when it blew up and went away.
  8. pussycat

    pussycat Administrator Staff Member

    It was one of many.

    Interesting, Slisse brought me here when one of the other ones blew up. :D Then I left in disgust and later Allison brought me back.
  9. MilaHot

    MilaHot Account Deleted

    I wonder why, when there's a message destined to many people, its always "Mila and other people" that is written lol
  10. pussycat

    pussycat Administrator Staff Member

    Because we love you, my dear. :p

    (OK, some of us do....:D:D)
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  11. MilaHot

    MilaHot Account Deleted

    If you love me, its all the love I need :)
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  12. TittyKitty

    TittyKitty Communudist Catgirl

    In theory, yes, but not actually true in practice, as most "IQ testing" focusses on application of learnt facts and techniques. [citation needed]

    I have done more than my fair share of IQ tests in my time. [original research]
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  13. Dane

    Dane Account Deleted

    The brain is similar to a muscle too.
    The more it is exercised, the stronger it gets.
    So being born with a specific learning ability does not statically set the IQ of a person.

    TittyKitty, Since you are learned in this, would you agree in the following?
    The more one "works the brain for learning" the higher the learning ability gets.
    Thereby there is an IQ 'Potential" that one may be born with. But their ultimate IQ is what they obtain.
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  14. TittyKitty

    TittyKitty Communudist Catgirl

    I actually think IQ is a flawed metric, in that it attempts to reduce a variety of factors down to a single metric.

    Memory, Conceptual Reasoning, Neuroplasticity, and other factors all come into play. The biggest difference in IQ potential probably comes from personality. Some curiosity required. ;)

    Factors like memory and neuroplasticity absolutely can be trained and improved in many individuals. Conceptual Reasoning is largely built on top of learners patterns and structures.

    So I would generally agree with your supposition here as an over-simplified statement. :)
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  15. Neophyte

    Neophyte Administrator Staff Member

    The current IQ tests are designed to test how a person can solve a problem. This removes the condition of differences in education.
  16. TittyKitty

    TittyKitty Communudist Catgirl

    That may be the intention, but I absolutely disagree that they effectively achieve this intent.

    Most problems are solved through learnt patterns, from being exposed to problems of that type before. That implies a certain type of experience as a precondition, so the problem is easier for some than others, based on their experience rather than their intellect.
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  17. pussycat

    pussycat Administrator Staff Member

    The basic definition of IQ is your "mental age" divided by your "physical age". When you think about that, statistically you have a much better chance of scoring higher when you are young as opposed to growing older, given the same test.

    I personally have little faith in the accuracy of these "tests", they can be slanted to suit whatever outcome the entity administering the tests wants.

    It's like hiring an outside consultant - "sure, what conclusion would you like us to come to?"
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  18. Neophyte

    Neophyte Administrator Staff Member

    Here's a sample of a current IQ Test question.

    There are no dates, no names of people, no references to past historical events. Just logic and reasoning.
  19. Incs

    Incs Trusted.Member

    That's not how modern IQ is defined, it's actually scientifically quite sophisticated.

    Sloppily explained, researchers gave people large batteries of different tests. Some people perform better on some tasks than others compared to peers, as expected. Some tests correlate more strongly (are more similar) than others, some capturing verbal ability, others maybe spatial reasoning, etc. The researchers then took all the scores for all the tests for a large sample of people and then mathematically determined one number (IQ) that explains as much variation between different tasks as possible. As it turns out, this one number explains quite a lot of variation. Hence IQ is a fairly good measure of overall cognitive ability.

    Explained differently, if your IQ is high, you will probably perform well across a large number of different cognitive abilities. If your IQ is low, chances are that you will perform worse across different tests. A psychologist can predict with some degree of certainty how well you will perform even on tests you have never taken before, just by knowing your IQ. It is believed that IQ is related to the overall processing speed and accuracy of your brain. That's why it explains so much, even though it cannot do so perfectly. Some people may have extreme imbalances between abilities, but that's not the common case.
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  20. pussycat

    pussycat Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I know, we got a lot of that in first and second year. But thanks for posting it.

    It still all boils down to a statistical analysis, and all statistics can be arranged to give you any conclusion you ask for.
    They can be useful, but you have to watch it very closely.
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