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President of Peru ousted :(

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Affairs' started by Lolimsa, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Lolimsa

    Lolimsa Trusted.Member

    I get it. You don't have reading comprehension, thus you get all your facts wrong :p

    I didn't say a dictatorship is better for anyone. What I meant was just that the world doesn't admire the US as we did before (with previous presidents). Germany was just named the most admired country in the world for 3rd year in a row:


    It was always the US before your idol came in :) so 200 countries in the world don't think the US is now much better than Russia and China anymore. Sorry, nothing personal ;)
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  2. Lolimsa

    Lolimsa Trusted.Member

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  3. TriadSibling

    TriadSibling Moderator Staff Member

    Given that this is an english-only site, whether someone here can read spanish or not is not relevant, as a translation should be included in any news stories, to comply with our site rules.
  4. Lolimsa

    Lolimsa Trusted.Member

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  5. henario

    henario Trusted Member

  6. Dane211

    Dane211 Moderator Staff Member

    I really do like your reply.

    I stand corrected, I did not state it correctly at all.

    My initial post went awry and I was trying to state that the whole morale of our steel industry workers
    is at a high it hasn't seen for a while.
    I have a few clients that are and were families of the USW and they will admit part of the problem was
    back in the late 70's and 80's when the union was trying to force the steel companies for higher wages
    than they should have been asking for instead of using the company's profit for re-tooling.

    Think "Bethlehem Steel" as the perfect example.

    As far as the USA and the other countries goes on the world view, I agree we are not the most admired,
    but we are in fact, a beacon of freedom that no other country portrays like us.
    I'm not saying we are the most free, just stating I glad to be a US citizen and our political in-fighting
    is a pain, but in no way is jeopardizing our Republic as our servicemen and military leaders take an oath
    to protect our country and never take an oath to follow ANY politician, including the president.

    Unlike a lot of countries in turmoil whose armies fight their own citizens at the orders of their president.
    And I know I don't have to point that out to you.


    Even in Latin America our newspapers tell your country's truth better. But I guess you can't read Spanish right? :)

    View attachment 570764

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  7. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

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  8. Lolimsa

    Lolimsa Trusted.Member

    Thanks for taking the time to write a comprehensive reply for me :) I don't have much objections to what you say this time.

    I was just curious to google "freedom" among countries, and found this:

    "The jurisdictions that took the top 10 places, in order, were New Zealand, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Luxembourg (tied in 6th place), Finland and Germany (tied in 8th place), and Ireland."
    United States is # 15 in the world :eek: :( and my Peru is # 49. But even I'm in the #49, I have the freedom to write things like this with anonimity :p

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  9. ram

    ram Trusted.Member

    One thing I will say is that in general in these years freedom of thought and freedom of opinion and freedom in general has been degrading through out the democracies in the world, giving dictatorships like China moral high-ground (however false it is) to thumb their noses at the idea of freedom.

    And the sad truth is that the emergence of social media and corruption of the mainstream media has given us a cluster fuck that is being utilized by politicians across the world to muddy the waters ironically in the name of freedom itself to curtail even more of free thought!

    Yup that was rant! Yes, however fucked up my democracy is, I still have reasonable freedom to write this shit up and rant at my fucking government with some amount of anonymity! Though it is isn't much to be happy about since I know in general things are going to shit freedom wise!

    Okay, rant over!

    @Lolimsa: Thanks for this thread and thanks for the well thought replies!
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  10. Lustig

    Lustig Trusted Member

    I second that, thank you for this great thread @Lolimsa. I am from South America as well.
    @ram I couldn't agree more, except that I don't believe we have any degree of anonymity nowadays.
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  11. ram

    ram Trusted.Member

    @Lustig: Sadly my friend, I have to agree with you there. Reasonable amount is just from the fact that the government is unbothered, more like willful ignorance than blindness. To be honest, you are right, when it matters we do not have any degree of anonymity any more.
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