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Nudity at home

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ElizabethBrenda, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Salata

    Salata New Member

    How long is it, does it show anything?
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  2. Iwantmymummy

    Iwantmymummy Trusted Member

    Pretty much always nude at home, if we had kids it would probably be the same for them
    Have to get dressed when the in laws come around through..

    ANAKINSHUGECOCK420 Trusted.Member

    I do that she'll castrate me
  4. londonboy49

    londonboy49 Trusted.Member

    Why, don't you ever see each other nude !!!!
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    ANAKINSHUGECOCK420 Trusted.Member

    no idea I keep trying to drop hints but she doesn't seem to be picking up what I'm putting down
  6. Mari

    Mari Trusted Member

    Regular t-shirt, mid-ass length.
  7. Taway141

    Taway141 Trusted Member

    Depends a lot on the season and ambient temp. Nude or just shorts if it's hot. Sweat pants and a tee if it's colder.
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  8. Salata

    Salata New Member

    Do you wear it with or without panties?
  9. Mari

    Mari Trusted Member

    In 90% of cases without panties
  10. Tratra2

    Tratra2 Trusted Member

    Home nudist here
  11. Greg Daniels

    Greg Daniels Trusted Member

    I cruise around home nude. So refreshing.
    In the warmer months the wife joins me.
  12. x99

    x99 Trusted Member

    I haven't been to nude beaches for several years but every chance I get at home I go naked. My adult daughter (early 20's) has seen me several times either in the shower, after or just around the hours. Several chats while I am nude as well.
    My wife is quite old school and even complains about people wearing short skirts etc. So not a lot of chance to be long term nude walking around the hours while she is at home.
  13. Scotty13

    Scotty13 Trusted Member

    I enjoy nudism... my wife not so much :(
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  14. Greg Daniels

    Greg Daniels Trusted Member

    I understand that :(
  15. flare47

    flare47 Trusted Member

    I love it. Beautiful freedom readily available. So relaxing.
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  16. Salata

    Salata New Member

    When you have to be dressed, when you go out or when the in laws visit, do you avoid underwear?
  17. Mari

    Mari Trusted Member

    Outside, it all depends on the weather and where I'm going. If I just go to the store, most often I will not wear extra clothes. When people come to visit us, I also certainly don't go around with my ass naked.
  18. D.C. Barnet

    D.C. Barnet Trusted.Member

    Well the two of you are not going to be on this earth forever . . . Move it foreward when and where you can: In the evenings and early morning loose fitting clothes and an errection (normalize errections!); occasional brief nudity (at least partially errect). If someone comments on erection, just say words to the effect of: "It seems to be that way most of the time." Be prepared to have a positive verbal response when mom or sis comment. Don't freeze up (or shrink-down).
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    ANAKINSHUGECOCK420 Trusted.Member

    I've tried just about everything believe me I have I'll walk around in my boxers and have my dick sticking up just a bit she tells me to "put it away and not walk around the house like that"
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  20. juliogee

    juliogee Trusted Member

    I hope to be a nudest in my house hold when possible