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Milky breasts

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Daddys-hard, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Daddys-hard

    Daddys-hard Account Deleted

    I hope someone can share their story about being luck enough to taste milk from the breast of their lover. Even better if it's because of incestuous love.
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  2. floydsaint

    floydsaint Trusted.Member

    As a baby, my mom bottle fed me, so I never got to suck on her luscious 38D tits. Stared at them my whole life. Enjoy them in my fantasies. And even tho she’s a senior now, I’d still love the chance to work them over.
  3. Horny Joe

    Horny Joe Trusted.Member

    I have enjoyed the warm tasty of fresh breast milk from nursing on my sisters breasts when she has been pregnant with all 3 of her kids. Also nursed on my wifes when pregnant with my 2 . It's a warm and satisfying taste.
  4. hounddawg6

    hounddawg6 Trusted.Member

    My ex wife had a great pair before she got prego but I will never forget her riding me with her pregnent belly sticking out while her milky tits squirted their sweet load into my mouth. One of the most erotic love making sessions of my life. ;)
  5. PeterThePiper

    PeterThePiper Trusted.Member

    I used to taste Jennifer's when she was breast feeding, but i didn't really like it. Certainly wouldn't be putting it on my cornflakes, lol. Over the years i have had all her bodily fluids in my mouth at some time or another, and her cum is definitely the sweetest. When she had Leanne though, she used to squeeze some of her breast milk onto a spoon, and the Cat thought it was wonderful. lol . It certainly didn't do the girls any harm either, because touch wood, they are both fit and healthy.
  6. SecretWishes

    SecretWishes Moderator Staff Member

    I'm guessing she wasn't just recently breastfeeding by the time you got to it. The first bit of human breast milk isn't the best stuff. It's the milk from deeper in the breast that's delicious.
  7. PeterThePiper

    PeterThePiper Trusted.Member

    In all honesty, i haven't got a clue, it was such a long time ago. I used to love watching her breast feed, but just remember that one taste, and not liking it. As you say, maybe i should have persevered. Who knows, i may get another opportunity when the girls start a family.
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  8. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger Trusted.Member

    heard, it has a metal taste.
  9. hounddawg6

    hounddawg6 Trusted.Member

    I found it sweet and warm and the more she orgasmed the more milk poured from her breasts covering me with her delicious nutrition as I filled her with my hot cum. Very fond memories!
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  10. alexghost38

    alexghost38 Trusted Member

    Esa siempre a sido una de mis fantasías

    Google translation: "That has always been one of my fantasies".
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  11. jillicious

    jillicious Incestuous Story Writer

    My husband was a milk thief! He would often drink so much of my breast milk that my daughter would barely get enough. I had to supplement with a bottle for her a few times.

    My breasts would go crazy while I was riding him and they wouldn't stop dripping. Then they would squirt milk all over him when I orgasmed. He would just lie there with a cute little grin on his face as my milk covered his body.
  12. hounddawg6

    hounddawg6 Trusted.Member

    I was the same with my wifeis nothing nicer than drinking fresh breast milk while you both reach orgasm together.

    Very happy and horny memories but i always left some for my daughter ;)
  13. olderwood

    olderwood Trusted Member

    Your hubby was very lucky indeed. nothing finer.
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  14. bama69er

    bama69er Trusted Member

    I loved drinking my wife's milk when our daughter was born. I would nurse from her even when we weren't having sex. She would squirt her milk on my body and lick it off, squirt it on my dick and suck me off or use milk as lube to jack me off.
  15. Snr123

    Snr123 Trusted Member

    I tried to every chance I got with my wife
  16. tamcm

    tamcm Trusted Member

    that's so amazing
  17. Daddy666hard

    Daddy666hard Account Deleted

    So very lucky
  18. imunderher

    imunderher Mommy's Boy

    My wife nursed me all the time while she was nursing each of our four kids. We'd fuck and I'd nurse while we fucked. She would squirt it on my dick and lick it off, squirt if all over me, actually. She'd make a pretty big mess with her milk during sex, just for fun.

    She'd pump for me and I'd take it to work with me in a thermos, too. It was so awesome! She was obviously a heavy milk producer, but luckily I was around to help her out with that!! Hers was always so sweet and just tasted absolutely right. Like that's what all people should be able to drink, all the time.
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  19. thewolf

    thewolf Trusted Member

    I didn t have this chance
  20. rizingstar2200

    rizingstar2200 Trusted Member

    My ex wasn't interested, but I used to drink quite a bit of my own milk. My boobs were C when I was nursing, so I couldn't really drink directly from them, but I would pump and drink any leftovers after feeding my boys. So refreshing!
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