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Had anyone been lucky enough to sample breast milk during incest love making

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Daddy-loves-taboo, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. Daddy-loves-taboo

    Daddy-loves-taboo Account Deleted

    Had anyone been lucky enough to have incest breast milk
  2. mikeb341

    mikeb341 Trusted Member

    This is a huge fantasy of mine. I hope somebody has had a chance to experience such a wonderful thing.
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  3. Dana_91

    Dana_91 Trusted.Member

    My sister and wife just got wet thinking about it. No, it never was for me but it was evidently for them.
  4. Bryan16162

    Bryan16162 Trusted Member

    No I haven’t, and I know this is kinda wrong. But my dream would be to get my daughter pregnant and suck and play with her tits.
  5. Pauljohnson

    Pauljohnson Account Deleted

    All these postings make me so hard
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  6. albonaman

    albonaman Trusted.Member

    ...that's seems so hot - to be breastfeeded by mother...while have sex...if only it could be possible....
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  7. Pauljohnson

    Pauljohnson Account Deleted

    I've had a couple of Asian girlfriends in the past who had milk and used to squirt it in my mouth as we'd fuck or it would drip out a bit it was always so hot, I also love when it drips out and they get wet nipples on their shirts I love milk
  8. hornyhippysis

    hornyhippysis New Member

    My half sister has been pregnant a couple of times and I love drinking her breast milk
  9. Rubber duck 2

    Rubber duck 2 Trusted.Member

    I tried it when my wife had son....I Was hooked and had it few more times through the years....luv it...
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  10. Indian Incest Lover

    Indian Incest Lover New Member

    This is a huge fantasy of mine. I hope someday I have a chance to experience such a wonderful thing.
  11. HenryHK

    HenryHK Trusted Member

    When my younger brother was born I loved to take a peek at mom's nipples when she was breastfeeding. At night I would masturbate while dreaming about sucking her sweet milk while inserting my hard cock into her hot vagina. Later when she started using a breast pump and stored the milk in the fridge I would often steal a sip from it.
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  12. freakyincgurl

    freakyincgurl New Member

    I've drank my own
  13. anotherdad

    anotherdad Trusted.Member

    That is so sexy it makes me crazy hard.
  14. Pauljohnson

    Pauljohnson Account Deleted

  15. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Warm milk before bedtime. Best way to fall asleep!
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  16. jhonnyx

    jhonnyx New Member

    How does it taste ? Not joking btw
  17. 32gnicole

    32gnicole New Member

    I have. Both my step nieces have gotten pregnant by either my brother or there step brother, my nephew
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  18. niceguy4sure56

    niceguy4sure56 Account Deleted

    Wow, hot family you have ther.
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  19. niceguy4sure56

    niceguy4sure56 Account Deleted

    Straight from the source?
  20. northernman

    northernman Trusted.Member

    How cool that you have been able to sample your step-nieces breast milk after they got pregnant from a family member. You have a wonderful family it sounds like.
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