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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SlovakianBoy, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Tacoshell34

    Tacoshell34 Trusted Member

  2. DannyCat19

    DannyCat19 Trusted Member

    NewTumbl has some good stuff if you know where to look. It's one of the Tumblr alternatives set up after they went puritan.
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  3. Scotty13

    Scotty13 Trusted Member

    Anyone know if there is a 'social' site similar to what Family4Love was?
  4. juliogee

    juliogee Trusted Member

    Thanks for the tip, gotta check it out
  5. Solonudist

    Solonudist Trusted Member

  6. RyanImt

    RyanImt Trusted Member

  7. justme06098

    justme06098 Trusted Member

    Great thread! Been looking for a thread like this for a while.. got some homework to do now. Lol
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  8. Daddy1106

    Daddy1106 Trusted Member

    Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository is really good
  9. landrezo

    landrezo Trusted Member

    I confirm. The stories in French are very good too
  10. justme06098

    justme06098 Trusted Member

  11. justme06098

    justme06098 Trusted Member

  12. Daniel Gleason

    Daniel Gleason Trusted Member

    seen most of this
  13. chorizo.boy

    chorizo.boy Trusted Member

    Didn't know about this gem. Much appreciated!
  14. LJ-6

    LJ-6 New Member

    Big fan of reading so things like Literotica and wordpad.

    i also like Webtoons :D
  15. interestedins

    interestedins Trusted Member

  16. iop80iop

    iop80iop Trusted Member

  17. minister

    minister Trusted Member

    Sorry guys, most of it is commercial shi*t!
    Most of it is commercial shit! Back then there were great private things! The only thing where you can still find something real is actually flickr! But very, very rarely!
  18. MixedFreak21

    MixedFreak21 Trusted Member

    I like xnxx the most......especially for amateur porn. I'm glad I found this thread though! A lot of good Info.
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  19. Bigbadjohn

    Bigbadjohn Trusted Member

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  20. WillNaley

    WillNaley New Member

    Asstr over oiterotica for the good stuff. Search google for what you want and put asstr at the end
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