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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Affairs' started by myeroticid, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

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  2. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

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  3. mt3926

    mt3926 Account Deleted

    So tired of masks
  4. Dane211

    Dane211 Moderator Staff Member

    One of the near-by city was in the news as having a 100% increase in under 12 years of age covid ICU cases in
    the last 2 weeks.
    BIG NEWS! Had guest speaker on how the school boards that aren't requiring masks are in effect, gambling
    with the lives of the students.

    The news reporter was very thorough in the facts about what is being done in the ICU for these children.

    The local radio station picked up the story and replayed what was reported.

    The radio station also included a specific fact that the TV report that was aired did not include;

    2 weeks ago the number of kids in their children's hospital ICU was 4.

    Including those 4, it is now 8.

    4 more kids in ICU in 2 weeks, = 100% increase.

    This is from a hospital of a greater area city of 1.8 million.

    That's a .000002% of population.

    I feel for the parents of those children. I am not against masks.
    I am against main stream media NEVER giving us all the facts.

    Can't trust the media on a national, nor local level.
    Sad, very sad.
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  5. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

    I've read that for males, under the age of 25, it is more likely for them to die from a reaction to the Covid vaccine than to die from Covid. For females, dying from a reaction to the Covid vaccine is slightly less than Covid. So all together the chances of people under the age of 25, dying from the Covid vaccine is the same as dying from catching Covid.
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  6. Dane211

    Dane211 Moderator Staff Member

    That's an interesting fact.
    I wonder if it's the same for the under age 12 group.

    The question arises though, if all the adults were to get vaccinated, would this even need to be considered?

    I think if the vaccine rate was in the 90%,
    All of these new problems would not be addressed now.
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  7. pussycat

    pussycat Moderator Staff Member

    If it were true.
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  8. MilaHot

    MilaHot Trusted Member

    No pharma company would release a vaccine that kills more people than it helps them, it would be a suicide.. That's just another conspiracy theory lol
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  9. changoTor

    changoTor Trusted Member

    Which it is not. Good lord.
  10. jasminegirly

    jasminegirly Trusted Member

    "I've read...." And exactly how many people have died from a reaction to the covid vaccine? Out of the literally hundreds of millions of people who have been vaccinated worldwide? I notice you did not cite or link to your source for this.

    Be careful now and remember "dying from the covid vaccine" is not the same as "dying after being vaccinated" which of course will happen statistically after any event. People die after grocery shopping that day; grocery shopping did not kill them.

    Spreading this kind of nonsense is literally killing people.
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  11. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

  12. jasminegirly

    jasminegirly Trusted Member

    Crickets in reply, of course
  13. jasminegirly

    jasminegirly Trusted Member

    The usual half-truths and uninformed opinions of the great thinker and authority YouTuber Tim Pool lol. A trusted source on so many topics. It's truly sad so many people take him seriously and have made him rich.
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  14. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

  15. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

  16. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

  17. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

  18. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Except that they were given immunity from any legal action from adverse outcomes by OUR government! You die from the vaccine, TOO FUCKING BAD!!

    The "vaccine" is actually a mutated (modified) gene - mRNA (the "m" stands for messenger). NO ONE KNOWS the long term effects of injecting mutated genetic material into humans. No wonder there are those that don't want to take it!!

    True vaccines are dead or attenuated viruses and/or bacteria that stimulate antibody production. Has ANYBODY EVER needed a booster for polio? Or rubella? Or small pox?
  19. borabora

    borabora Moderator Staff Member

    When I wrote here in this thread in December 2020 about more than
    300 000 people passed away due to Covid19 disease in United States,
    I was hoping that things go better, and quickly.

    Today I should say, that things are going worse - this disease is not giving up at all!
    According to info from JHU (Johns Hopkins University of Medicine) - https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/
    sadly we have today more than 700 000 deaths in United States due to Covid19 disease...

    JHU page snap.jpg
  20. HBBriestly

    HBBriestly Trusted Member

    Feels like COVID is over no one I’ve see in person cares about it anymore
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