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Discussion in 'Politics & Current Affairs' started by tybult, Dec 21, 2023.

  1. Athenea

    Athenea Some dream of a beautiful world, others create it. Staff Member

    @blue eyed girl

    I have edited your post and I have edited it for using a word more for the intention in its use than for the word itself. Due to personal circumstances I have travelled to several countries, in some I have felt more connection, a connection that still exists today, like Japan, in others I had very pleasant experiences, like eating fried spiders and in others, like Australia, I have a special affection for it because it is where my sister smiled for the first time after months without doing so. I also know the US, but what you said about me acting as if I have privileges because of the US has no basis in fact. I would have acted the same way if it had been Russia or Ukraine. I found your post interesting, intelligent and well written, just the small mistake of using that word.
  2. blue eyed girl

    blue eyed girl Account Deleted


    I don't mean to offend, but I fail to see how your extensive world travels are relevant to the point at hand. My usage of the word "idiot" was intentional and deliberately chosen, as it reflects my opinion of the USA and it's current behavior.
    It quite obviously was not directed at any specific person. If anyone is offended by my position, that's their problem, not yours or mine.
    That you may have a different view of the world than I is a matter of opinion, yours and mine, and there is no harm in that.
    To edit my post in order to comply with what you personally consider to be"appropriate" or "inoffensive" wording is censorship, plain and simple. A page straight out of 1984.
    It's your forum, and if that is how you (collectively) choose to run it, fair enough. You may do so without my input going forward.

    I consider this matter closed. Have a good day.
  3. Athenea

    Athenea Some dream of a beautiful world, others create it. Staff Member

    @blue eyed girl

    1) I have talked about travelling to other countries because when you travel to other countries you not only get to know other cultures and ways of feeling life, but it is an opening of mental knowledge that is not reduced to the news of a newspaper or television whose intention is not to communicate the news, but to communicate the news from the perspective that they want.

    2) (12) Keeping it Civil
    • While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, racist comments, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts or private messages.
    3) I am sorry to have to disagree with the definition of insult and opinion. People are in great error when they think they have a wide, complete, absolute and infinite freedom of opinion. This is not true. All freedom of opinion has many limitations, including respect.

    Americans who vote for Trump are idiots (Yes insult, no opinion).
    It is not correct that Americans vote for Trump (No insult, yes opinion)

    4) The problem that has been experienced continuously in this thread is that words are written that are the fuse that then causes an explosion, confrontations and closing of threads. One member insults a country, another member insults another country and it is an escalation of confrontations that always end in insults (not opinions) of a personal nature about the members. We have experienced it many times in this very section. We can continue to do what we have always done and complain about the confrontations in this section or we can choose a new path and change the end of that path, we can choose a new path and express our opinions with respect, relaxation and serenity. We can ask ourselves if we want to be the first word, the first sentence that originated a confrontation or we prefer that all our words show respect.

    5) Finally, I would just like to add that I sincerely regret, with great sadness and pain, that my intention to keep this forum on terms of freedom of opinion and respect, is confused with an attitude of dictatorial censorship, as described in "1984". But I will continue with the same attitude, forgetting my religious or political preferences, if I see that a publication can lead to a situation of confrontation, because my only intention is that Ins Dream is a pleasant and friendly place for everyone.
  4. pussycat

    pussycat Administrator Staff Member

    The matter is closed. Now if we could get back on topic, before the thread gets closed also.
  5. Lian

    Lian Friendly One

    To all those defending Trump: Russia was allowed to prepare the invasion DURING TRUMP'S TERM, because they paid him to look the other way so they could prepare
    China built upbtoo during Trump but werent quick enough
  6. TrueTeller

    TrueTeller Account Deleted

    The biggest riddle to me is, what USA had been doing for all of those years before even Trump became president. From what I heard USA started to to restrain China in becoming a super power in 2014. It was too late although years ago it could be easily predicted looking at the growth that China has a potential to take over USA in being a global power.
  7. D.C. Barnet

    D.C. Barnet Trusted.Member

    I don't know if anything was deleted from blue eyes post, but what appears above is a realistic, sober assesment. Most informed Americans would probably agree with it (I certainly do).
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  8. D.C. Barnet

    D.C. Barnet Trusted.Member

    I guess you never heard of Burisma . . .
  9. D.C. Barnet

    D.C. Barnet Trusted.Member

    The U.S. has been enabling China's rise as a superpower since at least the 1980's. This is a problem of Americas own making.
  10. D.C. Barnet

    D.C. Barnet Trusted.Member

    If you recall, the U.S. embassy was shut down and all employees of the State Dept. were evacuated prior to the invasion. . . . Giving Russia a clear "green light" to invade. The U.S. offered to fly Zelinsky out of Ukraine prior to the invasion . . . Another clear greenlight for Russia to invade.
  11. pussycat

    pussycat Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for saying that.

    WW2 was won by the Allies because of the USA's (and Canada's to a lesser extent) manufacturing power. Isolated and out of reach of harm, the factories could not be bombed, and an unbelievable amount of planes, bullets, tanks, whatever kept churning out. It was simply overpowering.

    This no longer applies. Our greatest asset, the shop floor, the technology and the skilled people we once had, is gone.
    We exported the shop floor to China, so that we could buy a toaster from Walmart for half the price it used to be.

    It wasn't just America's own making, we're all equally guilty.
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  12. blue eyed girl

    blue eyed girl Account Deleted

    Nothing was deleted, just altered.

    Thank you.
  13. Neophyte

    Neophyte Administrator Staff Member

    It wasn't the assessment that was edited, but the word. All opinions are welcomed, but keep the insults out of the opinion. The change in the word made zero difference in the post. The only change was the word 'Idiot' was replaced with the word 'United'.
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  14. pussycat

    pussycat Administrator Staff Member

    The "Idiot States of America" was not directed at any specific forum member and was perfectly acceptable on this forum.

    It reflects a widely held view of a country from without, and does not even reflect on Americans as such, just the current actions of a particular nation.

    Now move on and get back on topic.
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  15. Lian

    Lian Friendly One

    Give ONE exemple on where Biden was a traitor.
    Unlike Trump who helped Russia build up for their invasion of Ukraine, who allowed North Korea to developp nuclear weapons, etc.
  16. Nervos

    Nervos Trusted.Member

    People in Aus question China population and the amount of Chinese that live in Aus as an issue. The way I put it, do you think the one that move Australia would go out of their way to help China invade Aus to go back under Chinese laws?
  17. Lian

    Lian Friendly One

    We do know that we have Chinese Police Stations in Canada (where thry can intimidate Sino-Canadians or contact their spies) so.. yeah, gotta be careful I guess
  18. kai99

    kai99 New Member

    Time will give the answer
    Maybe the war happened first; maybe China collapsed first
  19. Bobbo

    Bobbo Trusted Member

    I find Canadian official reaction to this so bizarre. A hyper aggressive foreign country creates unregistered intelligence centers in Canada where they kidnap, deport and extort Chinese people who are even nationalised to Canada and Justin's government just goes "meh"? How the hell are Canadians still cool eith the guy?
  20. Lian

    Lian Friendly One

    Trudeau is a clown, but.. current politicians in Canada ALL suck
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