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Any religious people here?

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Affairs' started by Proudmama69, Apr 23, 2024.

  1. Proudmama69

    Proudmama69 Trusted Member

    I know with the over sexuality of this site this might bea futile Question, but, does anyone here believe in god? I practice incest as it is Stated in the Bible with my son/husband. It would be great to talk to other people that know and have experienced such things as we have.
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  2. Dk1201

    Dk1201 Trusted.Member

    I never experienced incest but i am a devout christian and would love to talk
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  3. kaytybird

    kaytybird Trusted Member

    Definitely a believer but more spiritual than religious.
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  4. Athenea

    Athenea Some dream of a beautiful world, others create it. Staff Member

    Yes, believer in God.
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  5. Polarbears

    Polarbears Account Deleted

    Not at all.
  6. Lian

    Lian Friendly One

    I am not a believer. I think Humans shouldnt hide behind false idols to justify their flaws, to blame God or Satan for their mistakes. Nah, there are only humans.
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  7. trahellion

    trahellion Trusted Member

    There's too many to choose from so wouldn't know which to pick.
  8. Odette

    Odette No one can convey what they do not feel

    I believe in God, but I have a greater connection, for personal reasons, with the Virgin Mary. I used to wear a cross around my neck, but I have replaced it with an image of the Virgin Mary, and I feel a greater connection with Her. :):):)
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  9. Athenea

    Athenea Some dream of a beautiful world, others create it. Staff Member

    Although I admit that there are believers of the kind you have defined, this is not always the case. There are also believers that God is help, the need for support and strength in the face of particularly difficult situations in life. The believers you have defined as those who use God to justify what has no justification, I would agree with you and even hesitate to call them believers, but there are other believers for whom God is a friend and the relationship is one of friendship. I also admit that everything can be a big lie, that everything is false, but I also think that if you feel God as a friend and you are happy without harming others, you have found your inner balance, serenity on the path of life, at the end of our life, even if nothing else exists, that is really the only thing that matters, a smile of happiness in the last second of life, whether it is a product of atheism or religion.
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  10. Athenea

    Athenea Some dream of a beautiful world, others create it. Staff Member

    This is a cross like mine, with a high sentimental value, because it was a gift from our parents :)

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  11. Term344556

    Term344556 Trusted Member

    no sorry
  12. LatinTrack2025

    LatinTrack2025 Trusted Member

    I'm not religious and I have no judgements on anyone being here. I support full decriminalization of consensual incest. I'm just curious how people reconcile being religious with this lifestyle. Many religions have restrictions against relations between close family members. With Aunts, Uncles, and cousins, there is a more "open interpretation" so to speak.
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  13. Priv

    Priv Trusted Member

    I'm not only a liberated christian (not only saved but also liberated from sin, etc... most things are not sin to us).. I'm also an ordained minister though I do not preach in a church.
  14. Priv

    Priv Trusted Member

    For me, there is no "reconciliation" .... technically the bible doesn't forbid any sex whatsoever.... good to read through libchrist website (would have to google it, since I understand I can't share site here); may help understand (though that site is TERRIBLY made and runs around in circles explaining the same things over and over again).
  15. Natalie4fun

    Natalie4fun Trusted Member

    Most religions have incest
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  16. MoonMan

    MoonMan Trusted Member

    i am christian. I was just wondering where in the bible would allow incest?

    Leviticus 18:6-17

    6 None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness: I am the Lord.

    7 The nakedness of thy father, or the nakedness of thy mother, shalt thou not uncover: she is thy mother; thou shalt not uncover her nakedness.

    8 The nakedness of thy father's wife shalt thou not uncover: it is thy father's nakedness.

    9 The nakedness of thy sister, the daughter of thy father, or daughter of thy mother, whether she be born at home, or born abroad, even their nakedness thou shalt not uncover.

    10 The nakedness of thy son's daughter, or of thy daughter's daughter, even their nakedness thou shalt not uncover: for theirs is thine own nakedness.

    11 The nakedness of thy father's wife's daughter, begotten of thy father, she is thy sister, thou shalt not uncover her nakedness.

    12 Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy father's sister: she is thy father's near kinswoman.

    13 Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy mother's sister: for she is thy mother's near kinswoman.

    14 Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy father's brother, thou shalt not approach to his wife: she is thine aunt.

    15 Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy daughter in law: she is thy son's wife; thou shalt not uncover her nakedness.

    16 Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy brother's wife: it is thy brother's nakedness.

    17 Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter, neither shalt thou take her son's daughter, or her daughter's daughter, to uncover her nakedness; for they are her near kinswomen: it is wickedness.

    in loth's story 2 daughters having sex with they dad and made children to continue the family. it says teher,, co. relations were descended from. They were enemy nations "forsaken by God".
  17. Priv

    Priv Trusted Member

    Literally .. read start of the canon books. They all literally say they're only for the Jews. And then it's repeated multiple times including, by Paul himself in NT.
  18. Always-Learning

    Always-Learning Trusted.Member

    First, Adam and Eve had two sons and daughters. The surviving son married one of his sisters and the chain continued (one of those little stories dropped from the original works of the bible). So there is incest... Noah and his family survived when the rest of the world drown... So sex with a cousin that close... That's incest. And when Moses told his band of followers to start including people from other tribes in the group, he did so because they feared all the incest would cause problems, not realizing that people have gotten taller and skin tones change as a natural affect of evolution... So incest was a very common practice among god's chosen people...

    There are tons of examples of incest in the "holy scriptures". The Songs of Salomon are nothing but sex... Drinking from the fountain of your lover? What do you think that means??? And while Salomon was later discredited by "bible scholars" due to his practice of marriage (which included daughters) he is still listed as being among god's smartest men... But there were no bibles back then and history was just being written. Most tales have been distorted, or excluded, to control the way people believe and behave. And I'll guarantee as you look at a congregation, you are looking at people who practice incest on a regular basis sitting there all god like and just as judgemental. Yet, like you, they have this white horse they ride in on and use material that has been labeled and numbered so you can use it to prove a point you've been told to believe... So as someone who spent years with my nose in religious material, I'll just say you are taking a few lines of verbally repeated material before ever being written down, shaped by people's prejudice and re-written, then given to an unknowing people as law... That just doesn't seem honest to me...
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  19. Priv

    Priv Trusted Member

    Well. I will add. You have to totally separate Christianity and Judaism. (Pauls letters). You cannot be a jew and follow the law and be a christian. It's one or another. Even Paul (a Jew and a Pharisee.. ie a teacher!) said, if he hadn't known the law he wouldn't have sinned or known sin. Why? Because the law teaches sin. It says you can't do this that this other thing etc.. (Leviticus, Deuteronomy, numbers, etc..)
    Also I will add.. said books begin explaIning that said laws were for THE JEWS! Not for anyone else.

    For us few lib christians, accepting his salvation AND LIBERATION, means like Jesus himself said, we are NOT slaves to sin. Period. No shackles on us. Unchained. Period. No and if or but.

    What OT said about incest. Doesn't matter what OT said period. We aren't Jews (Religiously!)

    We're under the NEW testament (covenant) not the old which was only for Jews. That's why Jesus summed up the law.. (when asked).. love god above all and LOVE they neighbor! That was it.

    Let me ask you an honest question...
    How can you be saved and call yourself christian and supposedly follow the "law" (OT) when it's never even asked of you in the first place and when, if you did follow it to the letter. You'd (ignorantly) be judging people for eating a cheeseburger or even wearing a polyester shirt with cotton or linen pants (even worse if it's part polyester part linen or something LOL!)
    You can't even do that you aren't a true christian in the first place if the law has a place in your mind lol!
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  20. Valjevac

    Valjevac Trusted.Member

    Im member of Serbian ortodox church. I belive in God, i celebrate church holidays, but im not going to church every sunday like some People. I respect every other faith. Im not judging others, every one is free to choose and do what they want to do:)
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