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Who's your favorite Mother pornstar???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bigmike09, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. shadow heart

    shadow heart Trusted Member

    Kay Parker, Honey Wilder, Xev Bellringer and Bettie Bondage are my favourites.
  2. grogus

    grogus Trusted Member

    I would say cory chase and kendra lust.
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  3. Rico3

    Rico3 Trusted Member

    Alexis Fawx
    Ava Adams
  4. Calist

    Calist Trusted Member

    There are a few very lovely actresses. Think of Cory Chase and Jodi We(s)t. I also like Pristine Edge and Vanessa Vixon. And Vera King is quite new in the business, but she seems to be a darling. Have a look at her interviews. So adorable! And then there is Kay Parker, the godmother of incest!

    It's hard to say who is my favorite. I like them all.
  5. somebodySomeone

    somebodySomeone Trusted Member

  6. EvilB

    EvilB Trusted Member

    Krissy Lynn
  7. vexxx

    vexxx Trusted Member

    Xev Bellringer <3
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  8. horsefeathers2000

    horsefeathers2000 Trusted Member

    Last edited: Feb 1, 2020
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  9. Renegade1972

    Renegade1972 Trusted Member

    brandi !!!
  10. Deion45

    Deion45 New Member

    for me it’s honey wilder or andi james hands down it’s so believable with them..
  11. darkhair4

    darkhair4 Trusted.Member

    There are quite a few good ones. Some of my favorites are Julia Ann, India Summer, Jodi west, Rachel Steele, Xev Bellringer. Old school would be Honey Wilder and Kay Parker.
  12. phil

    phil Trusted Member

    Cory Chase for sure
  13. rainwatcher

    rainwatcher Trusted Member

    Krissy Lynn, Lauren Phillips, Fifi and Deria.
  14. bankerr

    bankerr Trusted Member

    Jodi west and Rachel Steele for me
  15. phil

    phil Trusted Member

    Reagan Foxx
  16. tzen10

    tzen10 New Member

    i wish rachel starr would do those roles
  17. King rano

    King rano Trusted Member

    Mia khalifa
  18. Umberto56

    Umberto56 Trusted Member

    Am I the inly one that liked mommy Afton?
  19. justawaythrow

    justawaythrow Trusted Member

    Man there are really so many. I feel like every time I look at this type of thread I scroll through and see someone that i'm like "oh yeah for sure her" and then scroll and say the same thing over and over haha
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  20. blind64

    blind64 Trusted Member

    rachel steele, stacie starr, kendra lust and xev bellringer
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