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What's your biggest forbidden fantasy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HeavenSent, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Mayhemm

    Mayhemm Trusted Member

    Easily my most taboo fantasy is my dad walking into my bedroom and finding all the incest smut i written on my laptop.

    I'm a good girl so he'd be devastated.

    Then he'd teach me a lesson for writing such shameful things.

    If he only knew that my pussy is exclusive for his personal use...
  2. FunMother

    FunMother Trusted.Member

    I can so relate to this as I enjoyed wonderful sex with both my parents esp dad. I remember the first time i sucked him and first time he fucked me. I feel so sorry for those who cannot have this wonderful pleasure
  3. curiousbeing

    curiousbeing Account Deleted

    perfect daughter!
  4. curiousbeing

    curiousbeing Account Deleted

    incest indeed...
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  5. Justanotherjoker

    Justanotherjoker New Member

  6. David Gr33n3

    David Gr33n3 Trusted Member

    My biggest forbidden fantasy would be to see my ex-wife and our son who is in his late teens fall in love and become a couple... I imagine them hiding it from everyone but constantly fucking like horny rabbits... our son getting home from school and taking his moms dirty panties from the previous day from the hamper and intoxicating himself with it as he waits for her to get home from work... I can just see him coming on to her that night after dinner, standing close to her and smelling her perfume, his virile teenaged cock throbbing impossibly hard as he stands just a few inches taller than her and brushes her dark hair back so he can whisper and breathe in her ear “mom I’m so madly crazy in love with you” and then right there they make out passionately, hands roaming all over, his on her bare breasts and hers down his still boyish underwear... omg and then to imagine him cumming inside her night after night, several times a night, until she gets pregnant with her own grandchild.... sooo beautiful
  7. anony_mouses

    anony_mouses Trusted Member

    I've got an Aunt I would really like to sleep with.
  8. skidnick

    skidnick Trusted Member

    My mom come to my room and catch me whatching porn, then well... xD ... ok,
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  9. Longkisses

    Longkisses Trusted Member

    We as siblings wanted to have kids together
  10. Xr4ti

    Xr4ti Sister lover

    Longkiss congratulations on your relationship with your sister. I’ve been secretly in love with my sister almost my entire life.
    I can only imagine how great it would be to live with my sister as a couple.
    Looking forward to more details about your experiences
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  11. TheOneWhoSalts

    TheOneWhoSalts Trusted Member

    Blackmail. The idea of being able to hold power over someone through exposure of a secret they desperately want hidden.
  12. sn040

    sn040 Trusted Member

    Waking up in a big bed with my wife, daughter and son all naked and having amazing morning sex ;)
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  13. Nchotmom

    Nchotmom New Member

    Going back in time and seducing my dad. Unfortunately I was unaware that incest wasn't as uncommon and "wrong" as society makes it seem. I masterbated many times thinking of him past and present. I would lay outside my parents room listening to them have sex. So hot
  14. Kimmy25

    Kimmy25 New Member

    Fooling around with my dad when I was growing up is my biggest fantasy. That time has, of course, passed but I still fantasize about it all the time when masturbating.
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  15. Eager_Joe

    Eager_Joe New Member

    Impregnating mother is the hottest forbidden fantasy that I can think of!
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  16. tobor269

    tobor269 Trusted Member

    Having sex with my brother.
    I'm not into him, but times ago I was flirty with him, in a friendly way, and now that I know I'm into incest, I think I wanted to have sex with him in my brain, but not realising it. He is a normal, straight guy (as far as I know) but if he would purpose to me, I honestly think I won't be able to deny…
  17. freefantasies

    freefantasies New Member

    I would like to have a perfect daughter loving her dad in this special way...
  18. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Exactly the same problem here!
  19. massssme

    massssme Trusted Member

    I share many of the fantasies previously written about. I’d like to add that in the many familial pairings I’d be okay with, the main fantasy is that I have enough sexual prowess to rock each person’s world. Like top five sex experiences because it’s just that good. Guy can dream....
  20. love4every69

    love4every69 Mommasboy

    My fantasy is
    My mother making a confession that she knows and felt each & everything i did to her sexually when she is asleep and finally guides ne back to the hole where i came from :D :)
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