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What do you masturbate to

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hornydaddy4u666, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. kastor871

    kastor871 Trusted Member

    almost all incest gets me horny in seconds;)
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  2. amiraj

    amiraj Moderator Staff Member

    Nothing as being demisexual, real "emotions" are must for me to go.

    Used to do years back that too mostly when someone was online with me at the other end, either showing or watching.

    In my younger days it was mostly bro/sis fantasies.
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  3. dusty1978

    dusty1978 Trusted.Member

    Lately its been thinking about the new dreams I have been having about me my 2 sons and both of their mom's. Me and their mom's suck our son's dicks together getting them hard I watch them fuck their mom until they get off inside their mom's pussy then I help get them hard again and I join helping them fuck their mom's and they cum inside again then I fuck my son's cum deeper inside and I cum inside to and me and my son's cum swimming around together inside their mom's pussies. And also dream about me and both my sons doing the same thing to my mom their grandma. Never had any intentions of me sucking dick until I started dreaming about my son's and now I really want it to happen but not any other dick only my family.
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  4. ferdinand Guillen

    ferdinand Guillen Trusted Member

    I maturbate mostly to stories and/or videos of mother and son incest with the intention of getting the mother pregnant...
  5. cummunion

    cummunion Trusted Member

    All sorts of beautiful incest couplings, especially father-daughter or father-son. It’s all good and it’s all beautiful!
  6. somebodySomeone

    somebodySomeone Trusted Member

    I masturbate mainly to incestuous fantasies. I rely on Literotica, incest-games, mangas and of course pictures and videos of real families.
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  7. IsoUser

    IsoUser Trusted.Member

    I have been involved since HS, I cannot ever remember not being involved in a sexual relationship with family members. The fact that we were a nudism family only heightened things, After sisters caught mom and I. They just shared me is about the best way to put it. My sister's and I used to have masturbation sessions that is what I masturbate mostly too now
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
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  8. keller

    keller Lucky son

    Mom occasionally sends me pictures that I masturbate to :D
    Obviously incest-porn, but also good ol' regular porn. I'm not picky. But I can afford to be picky, because my mom and I are so close.
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  9. suzieGrl

    suzieGrl Trusted Member

    lesbian first time or seduction stories, lesbian incest stories, lesbian porn and chat in general gets me off
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  10. CristopherX

    CristopherX Trusted Member

    Lesbians giving each other sloppy kisses my fav.
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  11. BpDaddy

    BpDaddy Trusted Member

    Love all kinds of Taboo sex
  12. floydsaint

    floydsaint Trusted Member

    I masturbate to climax.
  13. Metropolis

    Metropolis New Member

    I've always found my sister in law to be quite the turn on
  14. BisonSteve

    BisonSteve Trusted Member

    When alone i masturbate mostly to erotica of various types..

    With my sugar daddy....

    usually it's porn of some sort, a surprisingly high amount of time it's straight or lesbian porn. (we are both Bi)
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  15. Luvssex

    Luvssex Trusted Member

    Family incest stories, nudist family pics, real family fuck videos
  16. lastassstanding

    lastassstanding New Member

    I used to spy on my mother in law when she would get out of the shower. And then I would go grab her fresh worn panties and smell them. I still masturbate to the videos I took from that.
  17. julia1022

    julia1022 New Member

    yes. real people videos
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