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Taking care of mom

Discussion in 'Erotic Incest Stories' started by JennyIncest, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. masterjon125

    masterjon125 Trusted Member

    Wonderful story -- I look forward to reading more of your stories!
  2. John Foda

    John Foda Trusted Member

    Very goof
  3. JSfl

    JSfl Trusted Member

  4. TonyGtp

    TonyGtp Trusted Member

  5. Raldat

    Raldat Trusted Member

    Wow its really hot
  6. roseochena

    roseochena Trusted Member

    very hot story!!!! post if u have threesome
  7. Boob Evans

    Boob Evans Trusted Member

  8. ensest_kaan

    ensest_kaan Trusted Member

    Hot beautiful story
  9. Jan Johol

    Jan Johol Trusted Member

    Really nice story..well done..
  10. Like2lick

    Like2lick Trusted Member

    Great ! Thanks for sharing
  11. kalyanikumar24

    kalyanikumar24 Trusted Member

    Thanks for the beautiful story
  12. plcwiz

    plcwiz Trusted Member

    Very well written, exciting to read! Thanks!!
  13. lanidrac57

    lanidrac57 Trusted Member

    God that was hot. Really got me and wife hot and ready for a good orgasm. Who wrote it?
  14. DonMagicJuan

    DonMagicJuan Trusted Member

    Really well written, thanks for that.
  15. winchester73

    winchester73 Trusted Member

    Very well done, very hot, and very clean bit of work. Thank you -
  16. wurzel

    wurzel Trusted Member

    Fantastic and well written story! :)
  17. xett

    xett Trusted Member

    Wonderful,Very nice story,got me excited , thank you.
  18. wombat110

    wombat110 Trusted Member

    hot stuff!
  19. Lee

    Lee Trusted Member

    Dammmm. Nice story
  20. Palala Aja

    Palala Aja New Member

    Nice story.. Thanks for sharing..