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  1. allison17 Super Admin

    I want to know how she hides that thing????? :p:p
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  2. Zarp Sadly single but happy and slightly kinky guy!

    No idea Allison, but umm. I could be seriously tempted to help her find ways and places to hide it lol.
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  3. lm7k Trusted Member

    I may explain.

    I had once a girlfriend that was Tgirl. She explain to me once: put balls and cock between legs put after close the legs and they become little in contact with the butt. The cock and balls became "little elastic" and adapted with the bikini... they try form a fake pussy... as they use more they adapt. After a little become natural.

    Well ... i try to explain... :)

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  4. allison17 Super Admin

    Ouch!!!! sounds painful. I once heard the used duct tape. now that would be painful. :eek:
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  5. lm7k Trusted Member

    Yes. In the begining is little painfull according my ex-tgirl. But after they feel no pain. And after who takes woman hormones the balls become with no function. Some tgirls operate and took the balls. But the cock is there...

    It is crazy... but.... it is a reality. Yes ouch !!!

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  7. lm7k Trusted Member

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  8. allison17 Super Admin

    I decided to give you a couple of post today now I am going back to post some girls. :)
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  9. Rebecca4mom Trusted Member

    This gurl is so truly cute, I'd want to meet her just to chat. If I got her to go to my home with me, even better. Finding something 'extra' under her dress - amazing.
    tumblr_o0dm8yXnAM1tbgqlco1_540.jpeg tumblr_o0dm8yXnAM1tbgqlco2_250.jpeg tumblr_o0dm8yXnAM1tbgqlco3_250.jpeg tumblr_o0dm8yXnAM1tbgqlco4_250.jpeg tumblr_o0dm8yXnAM1tbgqlco5_250.jpeg tumblr_o0dm8yXnAM1tbgqlco6_250.jpeg tumblr_o0dm8yXnAM1tbgqlco7_250.jpeg
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  11. secretagent47 Star Cut

    Big boobs with nice erection are very hot!

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  12. secretagent47 Star Cut

    These are all hot. The only thing that could be hotter would be a true hermaphrodite. I have seen some photos of purported hermaphrodites that seemed to be the real deal.
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  13. lm7k Trusted Member

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  14. allison17 Super Admin

    I have some pictures of those that have a dick and pussy but they do not turn me on so I don't post them.
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  15. Zarp Sadly single but happy and slightly kinky guy!

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  16. secretagent47 Star Cut

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  17. kool69 Trusted Member

    She would look fabulous, Rebecca.;):D
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  19. kool69 Trusted Member

    Oops, duct tape, baling wire and WD-40. ;):D:p
  20. kool69 Trusted Member

    I'll go with you Wild, its getting hot in here.;)