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Lucky brother!

Discussion in 'Erotic Incest Stories' started by JennyIncest, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. JennyIncest

    JennyIncest Trusted Member

    My name is Christine, but everyone calls me Chris. In my family, I am the oldest sibling and I have a brother, Derick, who is 7 years younger than me. Our parents are still happily married and we have quite a good family dynamic, and that’s how it’s always been. Being so much older than my brother meant that I had to baby sit way too often, but I did it without too much fuss since I love my brother and our parents are good to us. I was very grateful when he became a teenager, because then he could look after himself and I had a lot more freedom. After high school, I was fortunate enough to get into a good college to study towards making my passion my profession. It meant that I’d have to live with my parents until I graduate, but staying with them an extra few years wasn’t so bad. I’d still be young enough to enjoy my independence, so I worked hard and looked forward to graduating just after turning 23, but I still had another year to go before that happened.

    One afternoon, while both our parents were still at work, I enjoyed one of my favorite programs on TV. My brother came into the living room and sat down. I was quite surprised that he didn’t leave or make a comment about the stuff I like to watch, but it didn’t take up much of my thoughts as I was far too interested in what I was watching. In our living room, we have couches on every side of the TV and a big, square foot stool in the middle. The foot stool is so big, that I liked to lay on it on my stomach while propping myself up on my elbows. I do have to bends my legs up, but I find this rather relaxing to swing my legs in the air when I’m in that position. Thinking back about that moment, I realize that from my brother’s position, he probably had a bit of a view up my skirt from behind, but I didn’t consider that at all in that moment. I did wonder a few times why he was so quiet and happy to watch something I know he didn’t like, but I guess hind sight is always 20/20.

    The lounge incident wasn’t the only time that my brother could have been checking me out, but like before, I only figured it out way after the fact. Almost every time I lay on that foot stool like that, my brother would sit behind me. When I think back I can also remember the way he used to look at me when we were swimming, or when I came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. I often found him staring at me and would ask him what he was looking at, but he always said nothing and I never really thought about it. The first time I really gave it some thought, was on a day when I came out of the bathroom in just my towel again. As I walked down the passage, and past my brother’s room, I had to step over a bunch of stuff.

    Me: “What’s all this junk in the hallway?”

    Derick: “Oh, I’m just clearing out a few things.”

    His answer was sufficient, so I stepped over and went to my room, just down the hall. As I turned to close my door, I saw his hand reach into the pile to retrieve something. As my door closed, I realized that I had just seen him pick up his phone. I gasped out loud when I remembered stepping over that pile. If his camera was recording, then he would have seen everything under my towel. I began to giggle at the idea and decided to let him have his fun. There was no harm if he did record that, and he’d only see it for a second anyway. I have to admit, I felt quite good about being desirable enough for my own brother. I dropped my towel and looked myself over in the mirror.

    Me: “I guess I am nice to look at.”

    While I got dressed, I began to recall many little moments where my brother was checking me out, all of them leading up to this moment. He must have been getting worked up and wanted to see more than just his sister’s panty-covered ass. I thought it was cute, but I knew that I couldn’t let it get out of control. I put on my favorite short shirt and then left my room. My brother had picked up all his stuff and looked quite guilty when I looked at him. There were 2 pens still on the floor and I still can’t believe what I did when I saw them.

    Me: “Good job Derick, but you missed these.”

    I turned and bent over to pick up the pens, making sure that my brother got a good view up my skirt. When I turned to give the pens to him, his expression was amusing. As I left I couldn’t help but giggle and feel very naughty. I rather enjoyed the effect I had on my brother.

    I noticed more often when my brother was checking me out, and it always made me feel quite sexy. He tried very hard to hide it from me, but it was more obvious than he realized. Even our mother noticed.

    Mom (giggling): “Chris. Please be more careful around your brother.”

    Me: “Why mom?”

    Mom: “He’s 15. He notices things.”

    I knew exactly what she was talking about, but I pretended not to.

    Me: “What do you mean?”

    Mom: “I saw him look at you cleavage just now, and earlier he actually tilted his head to get a better look up your skirt.”

    We both started laughing.

    Me: “I guess 15 year olds only think about their dicks and naked girls.”

    Mom: “Even if that girl happens to be his own sister.”

    Me: “Have you ever caught him checking you out?”

    My mom is very attractive, so it was very possible.

    Mom: “There are moments when I know he’s watching me, but when I turn to him he’s always looking away. I know he’s checking us both out, so just be aware.”

    Me: “Oh I’m sure it’s harmless.”

    My mom agreed, but she told me to be careful anyway. That night I went to bed quite late, and as I past my brother’s room, I snuck in and took his phone. I wanted to find out if he did take that shot up my towel. I was quite surprised to find that he had taken quite a few pics of me. Some when I lay on the foot stool in the living room. I never know just how much he could see until that moment, but at least everything was covered by my panties. There were other pics that he took that were zoomed into my chest and others up my skirt in different situations. He’d have to pay very careful attention to me get those images. There were a few of our mom that were similar, but most of them were of me. I finally found the video of me stepping over his phone, but the towel I had on obscured the view, so he didn’t see anything. I was a little relieved, but I also felt bad for my brother. He really tried to get that shot and it didn’t work. I put his phone back and went to bed. I fell asleep feeling weird about the situation.

    One day, as I lay in my usual place watching TV, my brother entered the room, with his phone, and sat in his usual place. My heart started to throb as I knew exactly what he was up to, so I lay still with my knees together. Suddenly my heart began to thump even harder and faster, and I realized that I was about to do something I didn’t think I would. I moved my knees apart and started swaying my legs like usual. I knew my brother could see up my skirt, but I must have been in a crazy mood, because I wanted him to see even more. As if I wasn’t in control at all, my hand moved back and scratched the back of my thigh, forcing my skirt to hike up more than my brother had ever seen. I felt so naughty and I loved that he had no idea I was doing it on purpose. I was very surprised at the rush I had doing that. I looked back and my brother was looking at his phone. I wondered if he had taken a photo.

    After a shower that afternoon, I noticed things on the floor in from of my brother’s door again and I could see that his phone was among them. I giggled and then found myself walking over, feeling quite excited. I stopped in front of his door, standing over his phone and turned to him.

    Me: “Why’s your stuff out here, on the floor again?”

    I knew this time his phone was recording a good view of my pussy and it gave me such a rush. I stayed in position for a little while. Looking down, trying to find an excuse to let his phone record for longer.

    Me: “Oh hey. Do you mind if I take that eraser? I can’t find mine.”

    My brother nodded and I surprised myself again. I crouched down, right over his phone’s camera to pick the eraser up and lingered there for a moment.

    Me: “Perfect. Thanks.”

    I went to my room and closed the door. I watched through my keyhole and saw my brother retrieve his phone. I was brimming with adrenaline or something like that. I couldn’t believe what it did to me to behave that way. When I heard my brother’s door close, I quickly ruched over and pressed my ear to the door. I heard mostly muffled sounds, but I made out a few things he said to himself.

    Derick: “Holy shit… that’s fucking sexy.”

    I could hear my muffled voice from the video, so I knew exactly when he could see up my towel and the moment I crouched down to give him a nice close-up. He gasped quite loudly and then played the video again and again. I heard him shuffling and then sounds that could only have been to do with jerking off. I just loved the fact that he was doing that while looking at my pussy.

    Suddenly, my mom tapped me on my shoulder and startled me. I was still wearing my towel, so she was quite confused about what I was doing.

    Mom (whispering): “What are you doing?”

    Me: “I think he’s jerking off.”

    My mom pressed her ear to the door and put her hand over her mouth to muffle her giggles.

    Mom: “Shame. Poor boy. Must be tough to be so horny all the time. “

    We giggled again and walked towards my room.

    Me: “The little shit left his phone on the floor with the camera facing up, so when I stepped over it, it must have recorded quite a view.”

    My mom’s mouth opened as she gasped, but there was also a hint of a smile.

    Mom: “So he’s looking at your… while he’s…”

    Me: “I think so.”

    We both burst out laughing.

    Mom: “Why didn’t you say something when you realized what he was doing? “

    Me: “I don’t know mom. I don’t want to embarrass him. I thinks it’s adorable that he wants to see my stuff.”
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  2. JennyIncest

    JennyIncest Trusted Member

    My mom went quiet for a moment, but that hint of a smile never went away.

    Mom: “I know what you mean. I’ve been letting him get away with trying to check me out too.”

    Me: “Well, I think I’m worse. I stopped when I was over his phone.”

    My mom gasped again and then started to laugh.

    Mom: “That boy doesn’t know how lucky he is. I noticed him looking at me through my slightly open door this morning when I was getting dressed, but instead of saying something, I took my top off and let him see my tits.”

    Me: “Oh my god mom. Why?”

    Mom: “I don’t know. I get quite a rush. I supposed I’m screwed in the head.”

    Me: “I know what you mean mom. I felt the same way when I did it. I guess we’re both screwed in the head.”

    My mom and I laughed again and it was a nice moment. We were both surprised with each other, but we couldn’t help ourselves. I decided to tell my mom how I crouched down to pick up the eraser and she slapped my shoulder while she laughed even harder.

    Mom: “That’s fucking insane Chris… no wander he’s jerking off in there.”

    After that moment, my mom and I told each other every time my brother tried his luck and we both allowed it, and usually made it worse. It became quite a joke between us. We often spoke about putting an end to it, but we enjoyed it too much to actually try.

    One day my mom and I went to the mall for coffee. We do that regularly and both really enjoy it. We had a good time chatting at the coffee shop, and while we did a little light shopping before heading home. On the drive home, my brother came up again.

    Mom: “I think we need to cool things off with your brother. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and we’ve let him see too much. The poor boy is obsessed with our bodies.”

    Me: “Obsessed? I like the sound of that.”

    Mom: “That’s not a good thing. He’s more interested in incest than being with other girls.”

    We discussed it the entire trip home, and shared about what we’d let my brother get away with. He’d seen a lot from both of us, and it was clear that we were creating a serious problem. Unfortunately, our discussion turned us both on and soon went in the opposite direction. We had arrived at home, but we stayed in the car to continue chatting.

    Me: “Can you imagine what he’d do if we just went into his room and stripped down naked.”

    Mom: “I don’t think he’d have to jerk off. I’m sure he’d just start cumming.”

    Me: “I know how messed up it is mom, but I really enjoy teasing him. I wish I could show him more sometimes.”

    Mom: “I know what you mean. I’d love it to just lay down naked for him and let him jerk off looking at me.”

    Me: “Wouldn’t it be cool if you let him cum on your skin?”

    We went quiet for a moment, knowing we had crossed a major line.

    Mom: “Have you ever imagined letting him touch you?”

    Me: “All the time. I always wonder how he would react and feel if I let him explore my body. I don’t know why, but I’d love to do that for him.”

    Mom: “I feel the same. I’ve even imagined letting him fuck me.”

    I just looked at her with a smile. She was obviously expecting a bigger reaction.

    Mom: “I guess I’m not the only one then. There’s no way I could do something like that. I obviously want to, but that would be betraying your father.”

    Me: “So… does that mean if dad wasn’t around you might do that.”

    My mom thought for a moment and looked at me again.

    Mom: “I think… I think I would. Oh my god. I am so crazy.”

    Me: “No you’re not mom. I think about it all the time. I don’t want Derick to be my boyfriend or anything, I just want to let him have sex with me. I guess I have your jeans.”

    Mom: “I guess it’s only a matter of time then.”

    Me: “I don’t think I’ll actually do it.”

    Mom: “Well, if you’re anything like me, and you don’t have a boyfriend, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.”

    We were quiet for a while again as we processed what was said.

    Mom: “I envy you darling. Just be gentle with him. I’m sure it’ll be his first time.”

    Me: “Are you actually giving me your blessing?”

    My mom just smiled and then left the car. I couldn’t believe it, but I did understand. She obviously felt exactly the way I did, so it was an obvious desire for the both of us. I went to my mom and gave her a big hug.

    Me (still hugging): “I’ll make sure it’s a moment hell never forget.”

    Mom: “Tell me all about it after.”

    Me: “I promise.”

    I went straight to my brother’s room and closed the door.

    Derick: “What’s going on?”

    Me: “I’ve seen you looking at me and I know you’ve been looking at mom too.”

    He was too shocked to respond.

    Me: “And I know there photos on that phone that you shouldn’t have.”

    I grabbed his phone from his hands and he was busy looking at my video.

    Me: “Look at this!”

    I pressed play and pushed the volume all the way up, angling the phone towards him. I also watched the screen and couldn’t help but get wet when I saw how clearly the video came out.

    Me: “Why are you always trying to check me and mom out?”

    I threw his phone towards him, onto the bed. He had nothing to say, but he squirmed a lot.

    Me: “You want to see me naked so bad? Fine!”

    I stripped down naked in front of him and he was totally confused, but he couldn’t hide his smile.

    Me: “Oh you like this do you?”

    I went over to him, grabbed his hands and shoved them forcefully onto my breasts, making him squeeze them.

    Me (in a much calmer and sexy voice): “Is this what you wanted?”

    He looked at me, totally confused. I lay down on his bed and spread myself out for him to look at me.

    Me: “Go on. Take a good look.”

    He looked me up and down for quite some time.

    Me: “Don’t you want to touch me?”

    His hands sprung forward and he placed his left hand on my breast and his right hand on my pussy.

    Me: “Touch me all over. Feel everything.”

    Even though he was totally confused, he did not have to be asked again. His hands went all over my body, but he explored my pussy the most.

    Me: “If you like it so much you should kiss it.”

    His head lowered immediately and he gave me a gentle kiss, right on my pussy lips. It was delightful, but I wanted more.

    Me: “Lick it Derick. Lick my pussy.”

    My brother got between my legs and started licking with a lot of enthusiasm. This went on for quite a while, but I stopped him when I could feel an orgasm begin to grow.

    Me: “I think you need to get naked too.”

    In a flash, my brother was naked and stood in front of me. I stood up slowly and placed my finger tips on his shoulder, as I walked slowly around him, looking him up and down. When I had circled all the way around him and was in front of him again, I looked him in the eye as I grabbed his cock. He jolted from being startled, but also because he liked it.

    Me: “You like that?”

    He obviously nodded, but he was so incredibly nervous. I suddenly kneeled in front of him and took his cock into my mouth. I only sucked him for a few seconds before he blew his load.

    Me: “Well that wasn’t very nice of you. Give a girl warning before you just cum in her mouth. You’re lucky I like the taste of your cum. I’m not done with you yet, so I hope you don’t take too long to be ready again after cumming.”

    It was his first time with an actual girl, so his erection never went away and he was dying to continue. I walked backwards to his bed and slowly got onto it, spreading my legs wide open as I raised them up.

    Me: “I want you to fuck me Derick… put your cock inside my pussy.”

    My brother hurried to be between my legs and shook nervously as he angled his cock at my pussy. He looked at my face for a moment and then shoved his cock in when he saw me smiling back. My brother started to fuck me and it was more incredible than I imagined it would be. He was so lost in the feeling between his legs that he didn’t notice when my mom popped her head into the room. She smiled at me while she watched her son fuck his sister for the first time, and she stayed there until we were done. At the end, when I could see that my brother was about to cum, I pushed him back and finished him off with my mouth again. When he was done cumming, I got back onto the bed and got him to kneel on the floor between my legs.

    Me: “I need to cum too you know.”

    My brother started to eat me out, so I looked up at my mother who was standing there with a big, loving grin on her face. She smiled at me and looked down at her son, eating his sister out. I could tell that my mom was completely turned on, so I closed my legs a little to block my brother’s ears with my thighs.

    Me: “You better get started. I don’t know how long I’ll last.”

    I released my grip on my brother’s head and he just kept on licking and sucking. My mom eventually pulled her trousers forward and I watched her hand work her pussy. When I started to cum, I blocked my brother’s ears with my thighs again, but not on purpose. It’s a god thing I did though, otherwise my brother would have heard my mom cum too. When it was finally over, my mom backed out quietly and my brother stood up.

    Derick: “I can’t believe we just did that.”

    Me: “Believe it brother. I want more of this tonight.”

    That night my brother fucked me again, but it took quite a few more goes before he gave me an orgasm with his cock. My mother just loved hearing every detail about what we did, and sometimes she got to watch from the shadows and masturbate while she watched us. My brother never found out that my mother was involved, so when he reads this post online he’ll be finding out for the first time.

    I hope you go give mom a big hug and a kiss after reading this Derick. I think mom will enjoy a good licking too. Just don’t forget to come back to your sister tonight, I’m not done fucking you just yet. Now you know why I insisted on taking that selfie of us yesterday. I’m showing the world that your cock fits perfect in my pussy. Love you bro.

    Derick and Chris.png
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  3. BroRabbit

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    Awesome story!

    I really like an older sister teaching her younger brother

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  5. rafaeltmnt

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    cool story!!!
  6. Mr.hedgehog

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    Great story! Really enjoyed it.
  7. Doctorae

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    Good story keep em cumming.lol
  8. Just73

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    One of the hottest stories ever. Thank you. X
  9. Amanda

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    Awesome keep.it going
  11. kool69

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    That story is so good, thanks:)
  12. Jay Denton

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    Loved it, especially the interaction between Christine and her mum. I’m surprised they didn’t have sexy with each other.