Interesting view point from Australia on the G20 and the U.S.

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    ABC’s political editor Chris Uhlmann didn’t pull any punches when he delivered his wrap-up of Trump’s appearance at the conference, calling him an “uneasy, lonely, awkward figure” who was left “isolated and friendless” with “no desire and no capacity to lead the world”.
    “He has a particular skill set: he’s identified an illness in Western democracies, but he has no cure for it and seems intent on exploiting it,” the veteran journalist said.
    And according to Uhlmann, we all need to give up on any hope that the speeches written for Trump and delivered by the man himself are any reflection of his true thoughts.
    “It’s the unscripted Trump that’s real: a man who barks out bile in 140 characters, who wastes his precious days as President at war with the West’s institutions like the judiciary, independent government agencies, and the free press.”
    The reporter added: “Mr Trump is a man who craves power because it burnishes his celebrity. To be constantly talking and talked about is all that really matters... and there is no value placed on the meaning of words, so what is said one day can be discarded the next.”
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    The spoken commentary on the video, doesn't quite match the written transcript. There seems to be some words and phrases missing from the transcript.
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    Chris: Bad news.
    Donald Trump is still the POTUS and you're not.

    Sorry mate

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    Very bad news indeed.
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    Yep, he summed it up rather well.
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    And bad news. The media is not beholden to praise him. That is a real issue the right has. "Why isnt the media calling Obama out for golfing?!?!?!". For golfing occasionally. Trump golfs damned near every weekend. "Why does the media care?! Focus on what matters." Trump uses twice as many EOs as Obama in the first 6 months? "What is the big deal. The EO is a power of the POTUS!" Obama? "WHy does he use them at all? Submit a request to Congress and they will look at it when they are ready!". It seems the Media, according to the Right should only question Ds and show unity when Rs are in power.

    It seems similar to the Rs when it comes to "State's Rights". It should be up to the state. Wait the State position is not Conservative?! We need a FEDERAL LAW ON THAT!
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    [IMG] ya think ???

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    You're right in that the media is not beholden to praise Trump, but they are beholden to tell the truth. Thinking back on Obama, when ever there was a crisis or when Obama needed to make an important decision, he seemed to be either golfing or fund raising. Its not how often Obama went golfing compared to Trump but when Obama went golfing. And I believe that a lot of the EO's that Trump made was to cancel the EO's that Obama made instead of Obama going to Congress.
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    I actually called them out when they were wrong not to call Obama out for it.

    Now. When Trump takes a tee time at a "Trump Course"? Is he forsaking the fee? Or are we paying Trump INC for him to golf on his course? I am legitimately curious.
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    Also. My response was a direct response to "He is President and you are not". That implies that he should stop questioning him. That is an issue. There are legitimately people who do think that "Respecting the office is Unity. He is President and it is not our place to question.". But the MINORITY I see saying that were the first to scream over anything "Obama". Not any of you, as Alison can attest this is the most civil group I have met for a while online. We attack, for the most part, ideas we disagree with.