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  1. Neophyte Moderator

    I said contributors, not constituents.
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  2. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    Buffy's right though.
    You are sent to Congress to represent your constituents' wishes not you contributors but that's not the way it work now is it? Nor are you sent there to listen to Party bosses.
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  3. jerriswife Trusted Member

    China is on record as saying if the NorKs start anything, they will be on their own. China will stand back and watch.
  4. buffyfan Trusted Member

    But people in the party and states not named Arizona, Maine and Alaska are flipping their shit that McCain, Collins and Murkowski did not "Fall in line and vote yes". I want to add that least of all do the esteemed Senators from AZ, AK, and ME need to give the slightest crap what Kansas wants them to do.
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  5. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    The real bottom like for those three senators is....did the people of their state want them to vote No. That is what matters. If they did then fine. If then didn't then those Senators voted for what they wanted against the wishes of the people.
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  6. Neophyte Moderator

    I live in California, the Dems here vote against the will of the people all the time. Its so bad that the Dems don't even put things on the ballot anymore unless they don't care how it turns out. Mostly the Dems pass laws and propositions by legislative vote, not the vote of the people. That's why they are so keen on getting the illegals to vote, because they are easier to bribe to vote democrat. The other minorities are getting too expensive to bribe and they are running out of money.
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  7. annab2 Lead Moderator

    I'm sorry for their incompetence if a voter is involved with
    ANY vote tampering, they should face deportment, and total loss of citizenship!
    The value of a person's vote denotes that it requires protection and under that premise, it
    should hold true no matter the height of office in which any elected official serves!
    There can be no immunity from such a crime! ;)

    Anyway, that's where I place the value of a LEGAL vote!
    I don't care whether or not you agree with me or not
    because it is a character issue with me! :cool:

    Selling out another person's right to vote, is a downright treasoness act!
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  8. Neophyte Moderator

    Here's an example of what the Democrats are doing to California. A few years ago the Democrats passed a proposition to collect 2 to 3 billion dollars to fix our water system. A couple of years later they passed a proposition to expand the states emergency fund from 3 billion to 8 billion dollars. So the Democrats diverted 10 billion dollars from the states treasury to these funds. Earlier this year there was a problem with a dam in Northern California, they were afraid it would burst and cause massive flooding, so the Democrats went to Trump and asked for money to repair the dam, which is part of California's water system. None of the mainstream media asked what happened to the 10 billion dollars the Democrats collected previously to handle this type of emergency. Nobody knows where the money went, except the Democrats and they're not talking.
  9. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    .....and still you so called intelligent people of California keep voting democratic. We are told that businesses are packing up and leaving the state but yet the population of California keep growing. All illegals I guess. Why would anyone want to move there let alone live there. Neophyte are you packing your bags and moving out?here is the flow of people leaving California; nobodies leaving that i see.
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  10. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    ah huh....and we see....Early voting, Same day voting, No Id required voting, Provisional ballots, Just show up and vote, Vote at a few polling sites cause no one checks, pre-made out registration cards with Democrat already checked, Fed courts say states can't control voting even though the Constitution says states shall determine who votes, Federal govt comes in to monitor voting, Black groups armed with clubs threaten people in line, voting machines that don't record votes correctly, more votes are cast than registered......Shall I go on? I've seen more honest elections at elementary schools even with the teacher telling them who to vote far. Doesn't seems to me that the govt cares about anything you think is proper. They are too busy raiding Adult Bookstores looking to catch someone having illegal sex.
    Just thought I throw that into the mix
  11. Neophyte Moderator

    I wish I could, but I'm stuck here. My house is here and its paid for. If I move, I would have to sell, which is against my mother's final wishes, and anywhere I go I would have to start paying rent or mortgage. The legal population of California is going down. And you're right about the businesses packing up and leaving. The Democrats are concentrated in two areas, the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco area. There's been talk of splitting California into several states with Los Angeles and San Francisco separated from the rest of the state. If you think the money lost on the water system is bad, you should see what they are doing with the money for the school system, its even worse.
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  12. annab2 Lead Moderator

    It's very sad to see what a lack of personal character has done to our Nation!
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  13. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    That will never happen. Congress will never allow it and they would have to approve anything like that.
    From what I know only Texas can legally split itself into five parts without Congressional approval and that's not going to happen to keep those five parts out of democrat hands.
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  14. jerriswife Trusted Member

    I don't know about the 5 parts, but when Texas joined the Union they maintained the right to secede at any given time. They even got it in writing.
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  15. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    and the civil war took care of that writing too.
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  16. Insp Gadget Trusted Member

    Or perhaps overly welcoming of cultures who do not possess such character.

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  17. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    and do not wish to adopt yours. If you do no wish to become French then get out. When I go to France I want to be enveloped by French culture, not American and certainly not Muslim. If I want that I'll visit Turkey. I go to France to be French, or England to be English, or Sweden to be Swedish.
  18. Neophyte Moderator

    The original plan to split California was to make it North and South California, but there was a disagreement. North California thought San Francisco should go to the South and the South thought San Francisco should belong with the North.
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  19. Insp Gadget Trusted Member

    There has been an elephant in the room for a long time, and few want to point it out.

    But despite what are surely good intentions - 'multiculturalism' will simply never work.

  20. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    and if you split it equally you get two additional democrat senators huh?
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  21. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    Sounds a bit like Pennsylvania. Look at a map the state it's all red. Then there is Philadelphia.
    Solution.......give Philadelphia to New Jersey....They don't call it Filthadelphia for nothing.:D
    Same for New York....give the City to New Jersey as well
    Problem solved