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Do you believe in climate change?

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Affairs' started by Hatham, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. tom7

    tom7 Trusted Member

    wow, nasty......
  2. Dane211

    Dane211 Wife loves me in nylon!

    Not really. These self-righteous liberals hate themselves, all the people of the world, and everything
    Godly and good.

    They are hypocrites to the max. They claim to love all the life in the world except mankind.
    All the while they favor abortion (they hate the unborn because the unborn are more of mankind),
    but yet they claim they want the best for all.

    They are against God. They refuse to accept we are here because of God. They believe in evolution
    and say that mankind is a blight on the Earth. If they truly believe in evolution, then we are here because
    of the Earth. See the hypocrisy?

    So I just call them out on it. If they hate humans and want them gone from the Earth, they should
    follow their beliefs and volunteer to stand for their beliefs by being an example.
  3. Dane211

    Dane211 Wife loves me in nylon!

    I don't know you but since you are a trusted member on here, I'm assuming
    you're a decent, open minded guy. Part in part because of the nature of this forum.
    ID has very open-minded members, both liberal and conservatives to the fact that
    family physically loving family is not perverse but another expression of love.

    It also is an extremely diverse topic forum, such as this thread here.

    But I needed to call you out and maybe hope that you'll see what you wrote is
    an exact example of the twisted logic of the liberal left.

    I call it twisted logic, not because there is a shred of logic to their thinking, but in
    the fact they 'believe' how they think is logical.
  4. tom7

    tom7 Trusted Member

    i know and understand that a forum such as this is wide open to criticism and people may react differently to one another.
    i accept your interpretation and respond openly to you.
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  5. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

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  6. Dane211

    Dane211 Wife loves me in nylon!

    Do remember in 1070 the "experts" were telling us to get ready for a new 'Ice-Age' that would start by 2000?
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  7. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    I trust that the date you gave was supposed to be 1970. As I recall the Battle of Hastings was in 1064 and I don't think anyone was concerned about global temperatures back then. (HEHEHE and a smiley emogi)
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  8. Hans101

    Hans101 Trusted.Member

    Tyrants will always find a pretext for their tyranny.
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