Charles Manson is Dead

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    We rarely have problems like that in the British and Australian systems. We can't vote them in and try and get others on there, other spelling mistake, THEIR sides just in case there, sorry - THEY'RE in the wrong....And it isn't a political appointment.
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    Many will argue that I'm wrong, mostly liberals will argue that I'm wrong, but I would say about 90% of all the problems we have in the U.S. with politicians and government is caused by the Democrats. Even with the liberal courts and liberal prosecutors and liberal officials, Democrat politicians and officials are convicted of felonies 5 to 1 over Republicans, Without all the liberals running interference to keep the Democrats out of jail, the ratio would be more like 10 to 1 or even 20 to 1.
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    5 to 1 ????? 10 to 1 ????? 20 to 1 ???? Where does that come from? Just a made up number somebody posted on a blog with no documentation to support it. Somehow people read stuff like that and call it fact.
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    The 5 to 1 is from FBI crime statistics database. The 10 to 1 and 20 to 1 is my projection based on eliminating collusion of liberals in preventing their members from going to jail.
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    Sorry, but this proves my point...

    No documentation to support this. People read things in other blogs and posts and then they repost them as fact.

    The FBI crime statistics do not trace a persons political affiliation. They track the type of crime (robbery, assault, etc.) and then then how many occurred per year.

    If anybody doubts my point, just go the FBI web site and search their crime statistics. It's easy to find.
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    The FBI does track crimes of politician, their names, what crime they commit and their political affiliation, you just didn't check the details.
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    That's not what I said, nor was it your original statement. You said....90% of all the problems we have in the U.S. with politicians and government is caused by the Democrats. ----- Its just not tracked by the FBI.
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    You can disagree with the statement, but if you check who did what, the odds are the ones that commit the crime or infractions is a Democrat.
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    BeBop30 Trusted Member opinion - not a statement of facts. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. No issue there. My problem is that people see what is really an opinion, but because its posted online (or reposted from some opinion) they assume its a fact.
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    The whole point of this thread is that we are now able able to rejoice in the fact that Charles Manson who perpetrated a horrific crime on a pregnant woman has now stopped breathing and is no longer wasting good oxygen.

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    I thought that only in the State of Victoria in Australia we had fuckwit judges and magistrates, mostly from the left,
    who will mostly take the side of the perp and not the victims.
    They are an arrogant lot of dumb cunts.
    University educated of course.
    They are appointed for life, the educated morons.
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    Sorry to say no you aren’t alone with dipshit judges and very sloppy judicial systems.
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