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    When the kids got home I was back in my office. I heard them go into the kitchen, and make something to eat. Cindy came into my office to say hi and sat down in the seat opposite mine munching on a sandwich, God she looked so cute, her hair framing her pretty face, a plain white short sleeved shirt, and a short denim skirt, whit ankle socks and sneakers, I tried to concentrate on some work but she was very distracting. I guessed that Brad had gone to his room, and I knew what he would find there, that thought made my cock twitch, though I was a bit nervous as to how he would react.

    Cindy sat there, just chatting away in between bites of her sandwich, then I heard Brad making his way to my office, he had a wry smile on his face, he looked at Cindy sitting in the chair and said
    " I think dad has found something he wasn't supposed to,"
    " Ohh" she said smiling, and looked at me with a very cute look of disapproval on her sweet face.
    "Daddy, have you been snooping in Brads room?" she asked, giggling.
    "Well, yeah, and I found something,, shall we say, interesting " I replied
    They were both grinning like Cheshire cats,
    " but Listen, moms gonna be home soon, so maybe we will have to continue this conversation another time" I told them
    " Remember tomorrows Thursday, and mom always has her girls night on Thursday, so we will have to wait till then , OK?"

    Both kids agreed and then we heard Debbie's car pull into the drive way, god how I wished it was Thursday now, I thought, as my cock throbbed in my pants.

    Thursdays is my quiet day, I always leave it free to catch up on filling, paperwork etc., so after Debbie and the kids had left, I decided to give Steve a call, just to let him know what had been happening the last couple of days.
    I told him all about Brad finding me and Cindy, and then told him what I had found on Brads computer, I could tell over the phone that I had made him horny and he wanted to know if he could come over and the videos and pictures that Brad had stored on those discs. I didn't see the harm, I mean I still had his video stored on my pc so I suppose thats fair.

    Steve was at my place within 30 minutes, and I led him straight too my office where I had already loaded the best of Brads disks on my computer, he pulled a chair around to my side of the desk and I started the videos playing, they really only showed Cindy stripping, a bit of oral and Brad cumming on Her panties but that was enough to get us both very horny. As we sat watching Steve pulled out his cock and started stroking it, and as he was watching Cindy he kept telling me how good her pussy had tasted and how he was busting to fuck her. When he saw that she was giving Brad a blow job he told me he wished that he had put his dick into her mouth, how he wanted her sucking him right now.
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    The videos and the dirty talk had my cum boiling so I pulled my cock out and started to stroke it just as Steve was doing. We both looked at each other and without saying a word Steve got on his knees in front of me and began to Lick and suck on my cock, I was so fucking heated up from the last two days that I was soon ready to lose it so I had to push him away, He stood up and brought his fat cock to my mouth and without any hesitation let him slide it past my lips. Steve held my head as he began to pump rhythmically into my mouth, I must admit I loved the feeling of it filling me, the salty tang of his precum, the way he face fucked me. Soon though he was ready to nut and I wasn’t sure I was ready for a mouthful of cum so I pulled my mouth of his cock and began to jerk him off
    " Ohhh god that’s so fucking good Dave, fuck you made me so fucking horny" he moaned
    "Mmmmmmmm , you're so fucking hard, so full of cum " I said
    Steve began to fuck my fist faster and faster, and then I felt his cock jerk and throb, and then I could feel the heat of his cum as it splashed across my face, I kept jerking him till the last few drops eked from his cock, then I licked some of his jizz from my lips, it wasn't unpleasant, just more salty, and maybe a little more bitter than his precum, the rest of his goo I cleaned up with a tissue.

    Steve got back on the floor between my knees
    " Time to return the favor" he said and soon had his hot wet mouth over my dick again. This time I wasn't gonna stop and soon I was pumping his mouth as I felt the cum squeeze up my cock tube
    " Shit Steve, fuck that’s so good, shit man, I'm gonna cum" I groaned but Steve just kept on sucking.
    " Steve, I’m gonna,,,, ohhhhh fuckkkkkk, shitttttttt yesssssssssss " I moaned as I couldn't hold off any more and I began to flood his mouth with a huge salty load of cum.
    Steve did his best to swallow it all but there was two days of pent up lust in that load and some of it ran down his chin, and dribbled from the corners of his stuffed mouth. When my orgasm abated I pulled back from Steve, but he kept licking up the streaky remnants till my cock was nice and clean.

    We straightened ourselves up and I made us some coffee, then we talked about how well things had turned out for us. he told me that Lynette had been asking if I was gonna go fuck her again, that she liked the attention of two men and wanted me to fill her with cum. The thought made my cock twinge again. I told him to tell her that she wouldn't have to wait too long, that we just had to arrange the proper time. Then I told him that I wanted him to fuck Cindy but that he would have to wait until both I and Brad had initiated her. We agreed to try and arrange a time real soon when we could all get together.

    Steve had to get back to his jobsite, so he left sated for the moment I was more able to concentrate on getting some work done, and soon enough the Kids arrived home from school.
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    I finished up what I was doing and went to the kitchen, Brad and Cindy were both there getting something to eat and drink, so I pulled a beer from the fridge and sat down at the table to join them. The atmosphere was electric and for a while we just sat there exchanging glances until I thought I had better make the first move.

    "well kids, moms not gonna be home till after 9.00, so that gives us about 4 or 5 hours, but I do need to get you kids some dinner, maybe we could order a couple of pizzas now, what do you think" I asked them both.

    it was Cindy who spoke up first
    " Maybe we could, you know, try something first, we've both been waiting so long and I know I’m ready, I'm pretty sure Brad is too" she said smiling and looking at her brother who just nodded his agreement.

    "ok, but first I want to know how long you two have been, mm well playing around?" I answered, quite relieved I wasn't going to have to wait, and also pleased to see my kids were just as anxious as me for some kind of repeat of the other night.

    " It hasn't been long dad, really just since last school holidays a couple of months ago, we haven't gone all the way or anything, you know just what you saw that's as far as we have gone, honest dad" Brad told me

    " OK fine, but how did it all get started, I saw you sucking him Cindy now that’s going pretty far" I said and noticed that Cindy looked a little embarrassed at my last statement.

    " It was him daddy, he was always jerking off and letting me see, I already told you that, so one day I just walked straight in on him and well, it just kind of got out of control" Cindy said sounding a little defensive and upset,

    “Its ok baby, its fine, I just wanted to know is all" I said as I put my arms around her to hug her.
    " And remember, you have to be real careful your mom doesn't find out, ok"
    Both kids quickly agreed.

    " Right guys, I think maybe we should go upstairs to my room, we will all feel more comfortable up there, and I know I don’t wanna waste any more time, what do you guys think"
    " Yeah dad" they both replied almost at the same time and were quickly up from the table, and we were soon up the stairs and in my bedroom, well mine and Debbie's.

    My Bedroom has a big queen-size bed in the middle of the room, two sets of drawers, one for me and one for the wife, a walk in wardrobe, a couple of bedside tables and a couple of chairs, oh and the large on suite.

    In the bedroom I went and sat on the bed and Cindy came to sit beside me, Brad, seeming to get an attack of the nerves went and leant against one of the sets of drawers

    " Ok baby, I need to know something before we go much further, and you have to be completely honest , OK Hun" I asked my daughter
    " Yes daddy" she answered looking up at me with those big brown eyes and that pouty little mouth
    " I need to know if you have ever had sex, not just with your brother, but if, well has anyone popped your cherry" I said rather more bluntly than I had meant too
    " Err, what do you mean dad" she asked quizzically
    " well has anybody penetrated you yet baby, its ok I just need to know so that we don't hurt you hunny ok"
    " Oh daddy you won’t hurt me, I haven't had sex yet, but well, hang on let me show you" she said as she got up and disappeared out the door
    Brad and I exchanged confused glances.
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    Just as quick as she had left she returned but this time she was holding a long thin deodorant spray can, the same brand as her mother used and I was even more confused, Cindy smiled at herself as she realized that both Brad and I were at a loss as to what she was up to and she crawled to the middle of the bed and lay down on her back, Then she pulled her skirt up to reveal a pair of white cotton panties that already had a noticeable damp patch at the crotch, she put her thumbs under the waist band and quickly slid her panties down her legs. I was instantly memorized by the sight of her tight little cunt, all pink and puffy and wet, with a few wispy curls here and there, it glistened with her dew and I could see the thinner inner lips peaking to her small clitoral hood and her small tight hole slightly exposed as her puffier outer lips gaped slightly with her obvious arousal.

    By this time Brad had joined Cindy and I on the bed as was looking intently at his sisters exposed pussy. Cindy brought the thin deodorant can to her pussy lips and slid it across them a few times coating the round plastic cap with her juices and then slowly she began to push it up inside her , just a little at a time, my cock had swollen to its full hardness as I watched my daughter masturbate with this little can, and as I looked over at Brad he was removing his pants and underwear and soon his thin hard cock was exposed.

    Cindy kept slowly pushing her little fake dildo into her snatch until she had almost four inches inside her then she began to pump it in and out getting faster as her cunt muscles relaxed around this intrusion and soon she was fucking herself nice and hard moaning as the pressure inside her little pussy increased.

    As Cindy continued to fuck herself I reached up and undid the buttons of her blouse, then pulled the little white sports bra down over her small white tits, Both Brad and I moaned at the same time as we looked at her perfectly shaped breasts. I leant down and took her left nipple into my mouth and softly sucked it till it was hard and pointy against my tongue, then I sucked more of her breast into my mouth savoring the slight salty taste of her sweat, Brad was on his Knees wanking that cock of his as he watched his sister continue to masturbate with her little toy.

    " Brad, why don't you let your sister suck on your cock, I'm sure she wouldn't mind" I said, Cindy moaned her agreement as Brad shifted position till he was kneeling by her face, he then pushed his hard dick towards her open mouth and Cindy’s tongue snaked out to lick at the underside of his dripping cock. I watched in lust filled awe as Brad held her head slightly to face him and then pushed forward and drove his dick into her open mouth, he moaned deep and loud as his cock felt the pleasure of that warm wetness.

    Now filled with my own lust I stroked at my own cock as I watched my daughter give my son a wonderful slow blow job, her head bobbed jerkily up and down his shaft managing to take in about 4" of his skinny prick, I pulled her skirt up further so I could more clearly see her still fucking that thin spray can and I was drawn to lower my mouth to her hard little clit, First I just gently sucked it with elicited a kind of stifled moan from Cindy as she continued to eat her brothers meat, then I began to trace circles around it with just the very tip of my tongue, teasing that young button till Cindy put her hand on my head and tried to grind her dripping twat into my face. I took her hand away from her little dildo and pulled it from her hole but quickly replaced it with two of my fingers, pushing them in deep, right up to the knuckle, she moaned louder at this new invasion , and even louder still as I began to flick my tongue rapidly over that little clit and finger fuck her at the same time.
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    Brad was grunting and groaning as he tried to shove more of his 6" cock into his sisters’ mouth. I pulled away from her sweet tasting cunt, so I could get my clothes off, Cindy instantly replaced my mouth with her fingers rubbing them over her tight little pussy. Fuck I couldn't believe how fucking horny my two kids were, shit only a short month ago I could never have imagined watching them fuck, let alone be here with them.

    " Brad, I think it’s time I think she is ready for her first cock, and I think it should be you" I said.
    Brad pulled his cock out of his sisters mouth and taken this slight moment of reprieve Cindy pulled her clothes off, exposed now fully to me and Brad, Fuck she looked so good, her face all sweaty and flushed, her body shimmering slightly with s thin sheen of that same sweat, her breasts now pink and flushed her small nipples jutting up her finely shaped, supple thighs trembling slightly, and her pussy all wet and messy and oh so sexy.

    As Cindy felt Brad pull up between her legs she parted them wider, I knelt beside them and looked at my sons proud young cock, still wet with his sisters saliva and dripping his precum. He held it tight around its thin base and pointed at his sisters wide open slit, as he got closer I took a hold of him and rubbed it gently along the length of Cindy's lips, getting slick with her nectar, he inched forward slightly, and I watched in speechless anticipation as his fat cock head slid past her outer lips and finally into her willing hole. Brad moaned loud and deep and Cindy almost whimpered as she felt her cunt spread by a cock for the first time ever, My balls ached at the sight and I thought I might cum just watching them fuck. Slowly and carefully, he leant deeper into his sister, and inch by exquisite inch he buried his fuck stick deeper and deeper until finally their bodies met and he leant forward and kissed his sisters mouth, her arms wrapping around him pulling him harder against her.

    " Fuck her Brad, fuck your sister, god fuck her" I begged
    He tried pumping but he was so close
    " Ohhh dad, I’m gonna cum dad, oh god it’s so tight" he whined
    " Brad do it, ohhhhh do it brad fill her"
    Brad pulled back and drove his cock into her on two or three violent stabs and then he screamed and collapsed on top of her as his tight balls spat there incestuous seed deep inside his sisters hungry hole.
    "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH shittttttt dad Immm cummming in her ohhhh goodddd fuck dad, oh god sis its soooo goddd" he yelled
    "Oh Brad oh Brad I feel it Brad, ohh god Brad I feel it all, oh daddy, it’s in me oh god daddy" Cindy cried as she felt that hot jizz fill her and it was enough to send her over the edge and her body began to jerk wildly as she was overcome by a massive orgasm

    Unable to hold myself any longer I pulled my cock up to Cindy’s face and roughly wanked it against her mouth, Brad leant back and watched as I began to spill my seed all over Cindy’s Face and tits, she poked her tongue out Licking and sucking at my flowing penis and tasting her daddy’s thick salty cum as I drained and drained my hot sticky load all over my sweet girls face.
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    enjoy for now. will post more when I get a chance :):cool:
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    F'ing awesome.
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    damm , wish my sister had been like that . please keep posting this story , it's great .
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    You aint the only one Villager;) here's some more

    Exhausted by the sheer release we all collapsed in a messy heap, drawing heavy breaths as we tried to recover, Luckily I had put a couple of towels on my bedside table and I passed one to Cindy to wipe up some of my stuff, then as Brads cock plopped out of his sisters full pussy I mopped up the drizzle as it seeped from her cunt trying to make sure we never left any telltale signs on the bedspread.

    After a while we all agreed we were now very hungry, so composing ourselves for now I ordered the pizza and we went to the kitchen to get some cold drinks and waited for the delivery, Looking at the clock I saw it was still only 5.00pm and we still had another few hours before my wife got home.

    The pizza arrived and we all ate quickly, well aware of the limited time we had before Debbie got home.
    As soon as we were finished eating and had cleared up Brad and Cindy stood by the kitchen counter kissing, god it was such a turn on just watching as my kids plunged their tongues into each other’s mouths and I was soon rock hard once more. As they continued to kiss their hands began to explore each other’s bodies, Brad pushing a hand up his sister’s tee shirt and fondling her small tits, her hand slipping under the waist band of his boxers to give his already erect penis a stoke. I continued to watch them make out and absently slid my own hand inside my shorts to squeeze and stroke my own cock.

    The kids started to get heavier with Brad humping Cindy's hand as they kissed each other deeper and harder, their tongues licking each other’s lips, biting on each other’s necks and nibbling at their ears. soon brad had Cindy pushed up against the kitchen counter and was pressing his hard cock against her panty clad pussy, dry humping her as they continued to kiss.

    I went to them and added my mouth to theirs until we were all kissing each other, I felt for her breast squeezing it and pinching her hard little nipple, brads humping was becoming more and more insistent, so I pulled her little panties down, and reached in to unleash his cock, Cindy moaned as she felt her brothers hard cock push past her wet lips for the second time in under an hour. Brad took no time in thrusting himself hard and deep into his sister’s body, his groin mashing against hers, I pulled away again so I could watch my daughters pretty face contort in ecstasy at her brothers fucking. He lifted her up, putting her ass on the counter, giving him easier, deeper access to her willing cunt, she lay back against the counter as he kept driving his skinny cock in and out of her sloppy cunt.
    " oh, huh, god, huh, that's so good Brad" she moaned between his eager thrusts
    I moved to the other side of the counter where Cindy's head was lolling limply as her brother screwed her, I pulled her face to my cock, and she opened her mouth, willingly taking my hard knob past those soft pink lips, I growled in lust as I felt her hot mouth take my cockhead and pushed forward sliding 2' or 3' inches into her mouth, feeling my cock head press against the inside of her cheek. She spluttered as she felt the thickness of my dick fill her mouth but did not try to remove it. I pulled out and wiped it across her lips and she tongued at my knob then I slid it back in and she sucked at it hard, I could feel her teeth rake across my sensitive shaft as I fucked her face.
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    Brad kept fucking his sisters pussy in a hard but steady rhythm, she lowered a hand to her pussy and using her middle finger began to work he swollen little clit, god watching her play with herself as her brother was fucking her was so fucking hot,
    " Fuck sis, god your so wet, fuck" Brad said as his cock pounded into her foaming snatch'
    Cindy began to moan around my cock, and finally she pulled me out of her mouth, she kind of arched up , meeting Brads thrusts, her right hand grabbing round his neck
    " mmmp fuck fuck god Brad, ohhh god, oh yes fuck me, mmmmphhh fuck me" She yelled
    I looked down watching his slick shimmering penis pound in and out of her pussy, her head thrown back, her fingers still massaging her clit
    " Ohhh god ohhh god , Immm gonna oh shit ohhhhhhh Brad fuck Immmm cummming ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk yesssssss shittttttttt oh mmmmmmmmm, urgggggggghhhhh goddddddd braddddddddd" she screamed as the combination of fingers and cock brought her to yet another massive orgasm, her legs spasming wildly, her body thrusting at his cock.
    " ohhhhhh dammmmmmitttt, fuckkkkk I can’t stop ohhhh god Cindy oh goddddd" brad spluttered before withdrawing from his sisters still cumming cunt and then unloading another massive load of cum, fuck he can squirt, it shot all over her heaving tits, on to her chin, all over her belly, splashes landing on the counter top and some even splashing against me.

    When he had finally finished he fell against her, their tongues meeting again in a deep kiss, their bodies coated in both sweat and cum. All this had my balls aching and I needed release, but I wanted that pussy, I wanted to feel my daughter’s tight cunt wrap around my fat cock, Brad had had her twice now, he had opened her for me and she would be ready to take my thicker and longer cock. I waited for the too part from their embrace, patiently waiting for my turn, waiting for that tight cunt, waiting to finally take my Daughter.

    Finally, they parted, Brad pulling away from his sister their bodies coated in cum and sweat. As he moved from between her legs I was quick to replace him. I looked down at Cindy’s cum covered body still flushed from the fucking her brother had just given her and my cock throbbed and bounced as I felt my lust rise again. Her pussy was a wet glistening mess, her outer lips puffy and red, her small clit peeking thru the hood. I took hold of my cock at the base and slid my precum dripping knob up and down that sticky slit, Cindy moaned and jerked as I flicked it over her hyper sensitive clit,

    I held onto her knees opening her legs wider so I could fit my thicker waist and thighs between her slender supple legs, then taking hold of my fatter thicker dick I probed between her wet lips till I found her tight little opening then I thrust forward. Ohh god she was so fucking tight, even though her brother had already fucked her twice she was still gripping my cock like a velvet vice. I pushed forward further, and Cindy moaned as she felt my fat cock spread her open wider.
    "Ooooooo Daddy, itsss so big daddy' she moaned
    "MMmm baby, you're so tight, ohh daddy's gonna go real slow ok baby" I reassured her as I pushed ever further into her open hole.

    It was slick and warm and oh so tight, but I went deeper and deeper, Cindy spreading her legs wider with each thrust so that she could take all of her daddy's cock. I looked down at her pussy lips as they spread around my engorged cock, loving the sight of my little girl’s pussy being fucked by my cock. And then slowly I was in her right to the base, my groin pushed hard against hers, my curly pubic hair mashed against her almost hairless little mound.
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    Now I began to fuck her, pushing in and out driving my cock slowly at first, but then faster and harder, into my daughter.
    "Mmmmmmph, mmmmphhh, urgggggh, ohhhh daddy yes oh god daddy yes, oh fuck me daddy yesssss" she babbled as I began to work into a good rhythm, pumping my baby’s cunt harder and faster with every thrust. I felt every contour of her pussy as my fat cock pressed hard against the inside of her wet tunnel. I felt my fat cock head bottom out against her cervix, I pushed hard against her driving the tip inside that tight opening, wanting to flood her with my seed, the thought of making my girl pregnant driving me on to harder deeper thrusts.

    Brad had been standing beside us, watching as his dad fucked his sister, and unsurprisingly he was already hard again, oh I remember being a teenager, able to keep your cock hard even after unloading, able to fuck four or five times a night and Brads was no different. As he watched he began to stroke his thin cock, his fist tight around his shaft pulling up and down in time with my thrusts, then he got up on the counter, kneeling by his sister he pushed his dick against her tits, rubbing it in his spent seed, spreading that slimy goo all over her small mounds. Then he tried to push it into her mouth, but Cindy was somewhere else, her body a limp rag as she struggled with the sensations coursing through her young body, she wept, and moaned as I continued to fuck her hard, my thicker cock raking against her clit with each inward thrust.

    Now Brad sits up, thrusting his cock towards my face, and hungrily greedily I open my mouth, and let him push that little dick past my lips, I sucked him in deeper, tasting the saltiness of his precum the texture of his shaft, the velvet smoothness of his fat round glans, and then he began to fuck my mouth, I let him, wanting him, wanting to feel it as he shot his load and still I fucked Cindy, her head lolling from side to side, her legs now wrapped around my waist her pussy thumping against me with every inward push.

    Her tightness was too much for me to take and I could feel that I was ready to cum, I pulled away from brads cock and leant down against my daughters sticky body, pushing my tongue into her mouth, kissing her deep and hard, I fall onto her hips, my fingers spread under her ass squeezing the soft fleah of her buttocks and I pumped into her deeper, Brad was pulling at his cock faster and faster as he realized I was ready to cum
    " Ohh god dad,, god are you gonna do it in her, oh fuck yeah do it inside her" He growled breathlessly
    " Yeahhhh baby, oh god hunny Daddy’s gonna cum baby oh god you're gonna make daddy cum ohhh god Cindy" I said as I quickened my pace as I felt my balls tighten readying to release

    Poor Cindy was a mess, sweat dripping from her, her legs thrashing wildly, her body contorting in spasms as she came and came one peak drifting into the other. for a moment I felt sorry for her, ashamed at how easily I had turned my own daughter into my fuckslut, but only for a fleeting second, and then I felt it
    "Arrrrrghhhhh, fuckkkkkkk, shittttttt. ohhhhhh goddddddddd fuckkkkkk" I screamed as I felt my cock burst, shooting and shooting load after thick load of hot potent seed deep inside my little girls cunt, Cindy squealed and grunted as I thrust each hot shot of daddy cum deep into her open pussy.
    And even as I was still filling my daughter Brad was pushing his dick at me and again I opened my mouth, His hands holding my head as he fucked my lips and then his body stiffened, his thrusting stopped and his cock pulsed and I felt and tasted my first load of cum, it was so hard, shooting right down my throat that I choked a little on the first couple of spurts, till he pulled back slightly and I opened my mouth wider and felt his cum splash on my lips and tongue and tasted the bitter saltiness of another mans, or boys in this case, cream.
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    When I had finally finished unloading inside her I pulled away from Cindy and watched as a thick glob of cum dribbled from her spread open pussy, I licked at the cum spilled around my mouth eating all that Brad had given me. Cindy lay exhausted on the counter, Brad got down and collapsed into one of the kitchen chairs equally as exhausted, I pulled some kitchen towels off the roll and wiped up Cindy’s messy body and cleaned the spunk from around my cock and groin. It was 7.00, maybe another 2 hours or so before Debbie got home but I was sure that right now we had all had enough for tonight. When the Kids finally regained some form of composure I told them they should go and shower and get ready for bed, I was sure they would both sleep very very well tonight.

    Once they had showered and dressed for bed I took my turn and soaked for quite a while under the warm refreshing water and replayed in my mind the events of today, my cock twitched but was now unable to harden and I knew I needed to rest, tomorrow was Friday and I had only a couple of clients early on in the day, I would go and see Steve tomorrow and let him know just how well things had worked out.....
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    As soon as everyone had left the house I phoned Steve, we arranged for him to come over just after lunch, that would give me plenty of time to get rid of my couple of morning clients.

    I had about an hour to kill before my first appointment of the day so sitting in my office I decided to watch that original video file of Steve fucking his daughter, Lynette,. Even though it was all so familiar to me now it still made me incredibly horny, and I was very tempted to have a good old wank but I decided I would save it for later, I was hoping that maybe Steve would be in the mood for some kind of action.

    The morning went pretty quickly, my two clients came and went and soon I was in the Kitchen making a sandwich for lunch, I was pouring a cup of coffee when the doorbell rang and I went to answer it, I let Steve in and we went to the kitchen where I poured him a cup of coffee too. For a while we just chatted, just b/s really then Steve wanted to know why I had called him.

    "Let’s go into the den, we will be more comfortable there" I said, and he followed me down the hallway.
    I sat back in one of the easy chairs and Steve sat in the other, just opposite mine. Then I told him all about last night, how I had watched Cindy and Brad fuck, how I had sucked on Brads thin hard cock, and how I had finally managed to slide my own thick cock deep inside my daughters tight cunt and spilled my load deep inside her, of course I left out nothing sharing all the graphic details with Steve, he responded the way that I had and we were both soon stroking our hard cocks, he wanted to know how tight she was, how wet, how many times she had orgasmed, how did Brad perform. I can tell you that talking this way, especially about my own son and daughter was extremely erotic.

    I was the first to stand up and remove my pants and underwear and I stood there looking at Steve and stroking my dick, I don't know why I had so easily become such a cock lover, I had never really had any inclinations in that regard prior to all this, but now just the thought of sucking on a hard cock was enough to make my own twitch, maybe it was just that it was Steve, or Brad, and they both seemed to like it as much as I did, I don’t know , all I do know is I was fucking horny and ready to have his mouth around my dick.

    Steve pulled down his own pants and was soon lying back in the easy chair just stroking , we didn't say anything, just watched each other, our focus concentrated on each other’s hard-ons.

    I got on my knees in front of him, drawn to that fat, hard shaft, I leant forwards and with just the tip of my tongue I licked around the rim of his engorged glans, Steve moaned as he felt my tongue on his knob and he put his hands on my head pulling me closer, I opened my mouth and let him slide an inch or two past my lips, his thickness filling my mouth, much more so than my sons thinner smaller cock. I let him slowly begin to fuck my mouth as he tried to shove more of that impressive meat down my throat, but i couldn't take too much, he was just too big and he could really only get about three inches in me before i had to pull back to stop from gagging.

    Pulling back, I used just my tongue and lips and sucked up and down his shaft, tracing his cum tube with my tongue, licking and sucking his large hanging sac, lifting his balls I snaked my tongue over the perineum, he gasped as he felt my tongue edge closer to his tight puckered asshole, as i continued to lick and suck at the base of his dick I used my hand to stoke up and down his veiny shaft, I could feel his precum running down that shaft so I lifted my head to his cum hole to taste that oozing juice, relishing that salty bitterness, and Steve once more pushed his hard cock into my mouth. I sucked hard on him, bobbing my head up and down as far as I could and used my hand to massage his balls and the base of his cock
    "Ohh Fuck Dave you do that so fucking good, god I cant believe how horny I am" Steve moaned as he continued to try and fuck my face.

    My spare hand was now working my own slimy cock, up and down in time with my sucking, and I moaned along with Steve as I felt my balls tighten and my cock throb from my own wanking. Steve was now becoming more insistent, hold my head tightly, still trying to push his shaft down my throat, I couldn’t pull away, I wanted as much of his cock in my mouth as I could possibly take, I liked the way he was forcing me, liked to feel him push into me, liked that he wanted this as much as I did, and I wanted him to cum, I wanted to feel his hard cock throb and pulse as he jetted his sperm down my throat, I wanted to feel his seed spill down my chin.

    "ohh shit Dave, oh fuck, I wanna cum, oh fuck I wanna cum in your mouth: he growled
    In response I just moaned my approval and worked my tongue around his cockhead as I sucked him harder and harder, Literally trying to suck the cum from his balls.
    " Shit yesss yesss yess, oh fuckkkk yesssssssssss." Steve’s pumping became erratic, his thrusting harder, I almost choked as I felt his cockhead hit the back of my throat, I could feel his balls tighten in my grasp, and then the first powerful blast as he began to unload his sperm into my mouth. The force of his release caught me by surprise and I gagged momentarily as I felt his sperm fire directly down my throat, but he held my head firm, and I couldn’t pull back as another and another of his salty cum blast shot into my mouth, I couldn't swallow fast enough and my mouth was overflowing with his spunk, it was drooling from the corners of my mouth, he moaned and fucked with each new pulse, until eventually I felt him relax, his hands dropping to his side and I could pull away, draw a ragged breath and look at the creamy mess around the base of his cock, my mouth was kind of stretched and sore, his cum still dribbling down my chin but for some reason I leant down and licked at the spilled mess, driven to savor as much of his warm sticky load as I could
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    Then I heard a moan, along deep moan, a noise I knew by heart, gripped in fear I turned to the doorway, and there was Debbie, her skirt pulled up her hands inside her panties, her legs quivering, leaning against the door frame, I turned back to Steve, he must of seen her, why didn't he stop us, he just looked at me and smiled, I waited, my cock quickly shrinking, waited for someone to say something, I sat back, and turned back to look at Debbie, but she didn't say a word, she composed herself, straightened her clothing, looked at me and smiled, then turning away
    "I'm going up to the bedroom, join me if you want" she said

    For a moment I was unsure of what to do, But Steve was already out of his chair and heading across the room to follow Debbie up the stairs to our bedroom.

    Quickly I gained a little of my composure and drawn by my desire I too headed up the stairs.

    I entered the bedroom just after Steve, Debbie had gone into the on suite bathroom I thought maybe to straighten herself up before coming out and tearing into me, I really didn't know what to think, I was sure she would be pissed off, but I couldn't quite understand what she had been doing downstairs, I mean why hadn't she hit the roof, why had she not screamed and shouted when she caught her husband on his knees in front of another man?.

    Debbie and I had met after I had returned from college, she was a couple of years younger than me and a friend of a friend, we had hit it off straight away. We dated for a year before I proposed, she had just finished her first year of college, and I was a junior accountant at the big firm in town, Debbie agreed but wanted to wait till she completed her education before we married so we waited another couple of years and when she had left school and got her first job we finally got married.

    In the early days we had plenty of good sex, but nothing really kinky, a few fantasy’s and a bit of fun roleplay but nothing out of the usual, and then Debbie got pregnant not long after we were married and our sex life kind of dried up for a few years as both kids took up a lot of her time, and I was buried in my work as I made my way up the corporate ladder. As the kids got older and I had risen through the ranks to partnership in the firm we did manage to have more time together and our sex life had improved, we had even occasionally fantasized about another person , or couple joining us but really it had always just been a bit of fun, I had never imagined that Debbie would be so, well... wild I suppose, but then given the events of the last few weeks I suppose anything was possible.
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    enjoy for now!!!!!
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    that is one hell of a story so far , thank's so much and please keep posting .