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Jan 4, 2015
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Mar 22, 1974 (Age: 43)
United Kingdom
estate agent


Trusted Member, Female, 43, from United Kingdom

from a very loving a very slutty mum Nov 28, 2016

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May 23, 2017 at 7:11 AM
    1. johnnyhorn
      hey would love to chat to a mum, im 23yo in london with incest fantasies would love to pick your brain on my situation x
    2. ericabisex
      hi kiss you i love your profile... kissssss
    3. greguk84
      i'm from london, would love to chat
    4. vanz74
      would love 2 tlk sumtime
    5. Letsee?happens
      Send me a pm please
    6. Julius Plaesar
      Wow, I read your posts, I really like that you're so close with your son.
    7. secretagent47
      You are gorgeous, Sandie. I love your slutty dress, too.
    8. curiouslywishing
      Hi Sandie - I'm a youngish dad (37) and have been curious for a long time. I'd love chat with you about to r times with your dad. Your thoughts, feelings, how it started, etc. Just looking for ideas and tips that I may be able to use someday. Hope to talk soon!
    9. cheterry228
      Your son should knock you up, you slurry mom
    10. Rand42
      How would you say is the best way to approach a mother that has shown no inclination toward incest, with the idea of starting an relationship with her?
    11. dirtyr
      hey sandie, your profile gets me rockhard!! ^^ so you started letting your dad come in your dirty holes as a teenager? so was he maybe the first dick in you? :) and now you say your son likes you very much. does he also cum in your used holes? have you ever felt, it would be really horny, if your son would impregnate you? would love to see more of you, especially early fucking pics with your dad :* <3
      1. 1Bond007 likes this.
      2. sandie350
        unfortunately no......looking back now,i wish my dad had been my first,but he wasnt....i had had 4 different dicks inside me by the time dad took me did however give me my first baby.......and now as you ask,yes my son is trying to impregnate at the moment my son is the only guy who i let cum into me
        Jan 23, 2017
    12. dutchie55
      You're gorgeous!
      Wishes ya a very happy and great X-mass!
      Mind if I add ya at yahoo?
    13. Peni Wilde
      Nice to see another Brit on here.

      Hello from the NW of England. Would love to say "Hello" to you anytime you are on.

      I'm getting ready for the role of kitchen slave for a day or so whilst everyone else stuffs themselves. If I get free time I'll pop om here to distract myself xxx
    14. horny as fuck
      hello there you sexy mother, would love chat with you!
    15. kool69
      Sandie, I like your replies as much as the threads. Wish you would tell some stories or something. Kool Ken
    16. Fahd Mirza
      Still lost you there..did not get any more replies? :(
    17. Activebimom
      Pm me please, I would liketo chat to you.
      1. sandie350
        we can chat anytime you like.......just drop me a line.
        Jan 28, 2017
    18. PyroDaddy
      you are a very lovely woman. would love to be your teen-aged son.
    19. dachsie
      Hi Sandie, great profile pic!
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    Mar 22, 1974 (Age: 43)
    United Kingdom
    estate agent
    im a 42yr old,bi mum of 2...gitl 18 and son 23. Im open to any ideas,but i dont do animals,scat,pain or water......otherwise,im open minded.
    I was raised by swinger parents,and have always been very close to mum,i was 12/13 when mum let dad loose with me...he had spied on me washing and dressing,but mum had told him to wait.
    I lost my cherry at 14,to a guy from school,then had a short affair with my brother before dad took me at 14/15.
    a year or so later,at 16,dad got me preg....... my dad still fucks me to this day,but now my son is doing me is all involved in family fun and my daughter is now following me into escorting work too......


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