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Aug 7, 2017
Dec 28, 2014
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Jul 20, 1970 (Age: 47)
San Fransisco, CA
Sex Therapist


I love my son and daughter/Moderator, Female, 47, from San Fransisco, CA

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Aug 7, 2017
    1. Fanatic
      Thank you for the kind comment
      1. Lustingmom1 likes this.
      2. Lustingmom1
        No thanks necessary. I meant it!
        Jul 25, 2017
    2. intopanties
      oh my you are a beautiful woman, does daughter resemble your beauty?
    3. PyroDaddy
      I *love* your "Final Frontier" thread. Bravo! [fap fap fap fap...]
    4. Glenda59
      Hi I'm Glenda 59 and I used to post on AI. Klausspringfield suggested I join. I'm reading this site may be for sale??? Is that true?
    5. DanielleMon
      Hi Lustingmom1. I am Danielle, mom too. Just wanna say hi, and i follow you, if is not problem for you. Hug Danielle.
    6. itshot
      Hello Lustingmom 1
      I was wondering why I had to get a new password. If I pissed someone off, I'm sorry.
    7. PyroDaddy
      WOW, I love your captioned incest pictures! So hot and arousing!
    8. PyroDaddy
      Mmmm... the very idea of you 'loving' your son AND your daughter strikes me as very naughty. I love naughty. Would love to chat some time.
    9. ald76
      I do enjoy your final frontier captions...they are well written and erotic...would love to chat some time
    10. Fanatic
      While celebrities put themselves out in the public eye, regular John/Jane Q. Public was considered a giant no-no n that area. Just trying to keep you from legal problems if one of these were to find their way back to whomever face is pasted on.
    11. Fanatic
      Hey, I'm not for sure but it appears that several of your recent captions have faces Photoshoped onto the bodies. Just a heads up, but that could open you up to legal problems. It's a gray area that I'm familiar with as I used to Photoshop celebrities in an similar fashion.
    12. Ifsonotyet
      Howdy ma'am how are ya btw if your avatar is a picture of you your one smokin lady
    13. Julius Plaesar
      Could you share about the most recent time you and your kids had sex?
      Greetings lustingmom1...Wonder if you could help me. Im brand new to the site and dont know where I can get any barely legal material. This site has none! Any ideas? Mac
    15. asdfghvic
      hi!! are you really a sex therapist? i would like to ask you some things about my atraction to my sis. could you help?
    16. Sally
      I'm sorry, I'm just feeling my way about here. Would you mind telling me how I post to the forum, I can't seem to find a text box for that.
    17. Sally
      Hi, I'm Sally, am I posting this to lustingmom1 or to the whole chat room?
    18. payton13
      Meaning to ask you some questions in a private conversation if possible nur don't know how to start a conversation in this forum...
    19. curiouslywishing
      Hi there - new to the site and saw you comment on a post I was reading. Very interested in your experiences, how they started, and any issues that have arisen because of it. Really love to talk if you have time. Thanks!
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    Be sure to give my picture thread "The Final Frontier" a look, even if you usually don't like to look at captioned pictures. You may be very surprised:


    Jul 20, 1970 (Age: 47)
    San Fransisco, CA
    Sex Therapist