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Feb 15, 2010
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Mar 28, 1987 (Age: 30)


actively seeking friends, Female, 30, from U.K

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Sep 22, 2017 at 12:12 PM
    1. Shel4dad
      Hi Becky, Shelley here. We seem to have a bit in common :-) Love to chat sometime.
    2. paul jenkins
      I'm a good listener and up for more if you feel good with me
    3. paul jenkins
      I want to be your surrogate for your father
    4. greguk84
      Fellow londoner here, lets chat
    5. spring
      hey, uk here as well, still up for chat? :)
    6. Darth
      i was wonderig if something I said may have made you uncomfortable - please note that any play regardless of story line or particulars is played with and adult on th eother end - I could not get into it other wise - but the stories ar esometimes fun. In any case ty for he chat
    7. Umeaboy
      Hi Becky!
      My name's Kristoffer.
      How do you do?
      I hope that everything is well.
      I know I am.
      I have NO physical experience with incest except for getting to 1st base with my fostersister a long time ago.
      I'd be happy to get to know you if you'd like to.
      Send me a wall post if you'd like to get to know me.
      I promise I won't bite. :)
    8. Enronkhan
      Hi I'm Bob how are you? I'm new here looking to chat, from the us.
    9. Activebimom
      Hi hun, love your profile. I would like to chat with you
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    10. ericabisex
      hi kiss you
    11. DanG
      Hi how are you ? I would love to chat with you if it's ok ;)
    12. Joe6485
      Hi I would like to talk and can really use a friend the best way to reach me is on kik at kevinmartind33g I hope to hear from you soon
    13. Auntlover1984
      hey there i just got into this forum so am new haha but I would love the same as u i think. Like minded people to chat about anything including but not limited to incest related stories or fantasies. I like that you seem to have it together and I would really like to get to know you better if at all possible. :)
    14. nylonica54
      Hi, Becky. In the past I was particularly interested in mother and son scenarios, but after marrying at the age of 40 I did develop feelings towards my stepdaughter. I did not act on them, of course, but I do understand the feelings that can exist (from daughters to fathers as well). I would love to chat, if you are interested. I am also in the UK.
    15. welshman
      you don't appear to reply to people, is that so?
    16. Mommason83
      Hey I'm new to this but from the UK too would be great to talk to each other about this? Don't know how to pass my details on to you lol
    17. thegame
      hey whats up
    18. thegame
      hey whats up
    19. dreemkacha4u
      hi.i'm new are one cute girl,why on earth would your dad end a relationship with you?
    20. dreemkacha4u
      hi.i'm new are one cute girl,why on earth would your dad end a relationship with you?
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    Mar 28, 1987 (Age: 30)
    Happy to chat to likeminded people and offer advice, support